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Fugees est un groupe de musique.

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  • Pochette Take It Easy (Single)
    Signaler Take It Easy (Single) (2005)


    Sortie : . Hip hop. 2 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Take It Easy, Take It Easy (radio edit)...

    - -
  • Pochette Greatest Hits
    Signaler Greatest Hits (2003)


    Sortie : . Rap/hip hop/R&B. 20 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Fu-Gee-La, No Woman No Cry, Ready or Not, Killing Me Softly With His Song, The Score...

    8.4 -
  • Pochette Refugee Camp: Bootleg Versions
    Signaler Refugee Camp: Bootleg Versions (1996)


    Sortie : . 8 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Ready or Not (Clark Kent & Django remix), Nappy Heads (Mad Spider mix), Don't Cry Dry Your Eyes, Vocab (Salaam's remix), Ready or Not (Salaam's Ready for the Show remix)...

    6.7 -
  • Pochette Killing Me Softly (Single)
    Signaler Killing Me Softly (Single) (1996)


    Sortie : . Rap conscient et hip hop. 4 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Killing Me Softly (LP version with intro), Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp Global mix), Vocab (Refugees Hip Hop mix), Vocab (Salaam's acoustic remix)...

    8.5 -
  • Pochette The Score
    Signaler The Score (1996)


    Sortie : . Pop Rap, rap conscient et hip hop. 17 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Red Intro, How Many Mics, Ready or Not, Zealots, The Beast...

    7.6 -
  • Pochette Ready or Not (Single)
    Signaler Ready or Not (Single) (1996)


    Sortie : 1996. Hip hop. 4 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Ready or Not, Ready or Not (Salaam's Ready for the Show remix), Ready or Not (Handel's Yaard Vide mix), The Score...

    8.3 -
  • Pochette No Woman, No Cry (Single)
    Signaler No Woman, No Cry (Single) (1996)


    Sortie : 1996. Hip hop. 4 morceaux.

    Tracklist : No Woman, No Cry (LP version), No Woman No Cry (remix), No Woman No Cry (remix instrumental), Killing Me Softly (live)...

    7.6 -
  • Pochette Rumble in the Jungle (OST)
    Signaler Rumble in the Jungle (OST) (1996)

    Bande-originale de A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, John Forté

    Sortie : 1996. Hip hop. 4 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Rumble in the Jungle (radio edit), Rumble in the Jungle (full length), I'm So Mean I Make Medicine Sick (Snippet), Rumble in the Jungle (a cappella)...

    - -
  • Pochette Fu-Gee-La (Single)
    Signaler Fu-Gee-La (Single) (1995)


    Sortie : 1995. Rap conscient et hip hop. 7 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Fu-Gee-La (album version), Fu-Gee-La (album version instrumental), Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp remix), Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp remix instrumental), Fu-Gee-La (North Side mix)...

    7.5 -
  • Pochette Vocab (Single)
    Signaler Vocab (Single) (1994)


    Sortie : . Hip hop. 8 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Vocab (remix), Vocab (Refugees Hip Hop remix), Vocab (Refugees acoustic remix), Refugees on the Mic (remix), Vocab (remix instrumental)...

    - -
  • Pochette Blunted on Reality
    Signaler Blunted on Reality (1994)


    Sortie : . Hip hop. 18 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Introduction, Nappy Heads, Blunted Interlude, Recharge, Freestyle Interlude...

    7.0 -