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Film de (1931)

Acteurs Flying High

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Gus Arnheim And His Orchestra (as Gus Arnheim and his Orchestra)
Gus Arnheim Himself - the Orchestra Leader
Loretta Andrews Choeurs
Edna Callahan Choeurs
Richard Carle Gérant de l'hôtel
Nick Copeland Aviator with the Jokester
Mary Dees Choeurs
Mildred Dixon Miss Dixon / Dancer
James Durkin Mr. Rankin - Detective
Ruth Eddings Choeurs
Bud Geary Danseur
Mary Halsey Choeurs
Amo Ingraham Choeurs
Tom Kennedy Jokester with Firecrackers
Donald Novis Jeune homme
Dave O'Brien Danseuse
Lee Phelps Reporter from the News
Nita Pike Choeurs
Herbert Prior Angry Investor with Eyeglasses
Buddy Roosevelt Aviateur
Clarence Wilson Lunch Counter Manager

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George White