Affiche House of Numbers: Anatomy of an Epidemic

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Documentaire de (2009)

Acteurs House of Numbers: Anatomy of an Epidemic

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Harold Jaffe Himself - Former Director, CDC AIDS Division
Daniel Kuritzkes Himself - Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Reinhard Kurth Himself - President, Robert Koch Institute Germany
Joseph B. McCormick Himself - Epidemiologist, CDC
John P. Moore Himself - Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Weill Cornell Medical College
Peter Piot Himself - Executive Director, UNAIDS
Donald Abrams Himself - Chief of Hematology-Oncology, San Francisco General Hospital
Kim Bannon Elle-même
Robert Bazell Himself - Health and Science Correspondent (archive footage) (voice)
Tom Bethell Lui-même
Aundre Bryant Himself - Tested HIV Positive 1985
Ken Bundy Himself - Tested Positive for HIV
George W. Bush Himself - President, United States (archive footage)
James Chin Himself - Chief of Global HIV Surveillance, World Health Organization
Richard Codey Himself - New Jersey Senate President
Mark Conlan Lui-même - Journaliste
Niel T. Constantine Himself - Director, Clinical Immunology, Institute of Human Virology
Martin Delaney Himself - Founding Director, Project Inform
Peter Duesberg Himself - Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California Berkeley
Celia Farber Herself - Investigative Journalist
Christian Fiala Himself - Doctor, Austria & Uganda
Jim Fouratt Himself - Founding Member, ACT UP New York
Robert Gallo Himself - Director, Institute of Human Virology
Hans Gelderblom Himself - Head of Electron Microscopy and Imaging, Robert Koch Institute, Germany
Whoopi Goldberg Elle-même
Joyce Ann Hafford Herself - Tested HIV Positive (archive footage)
Henry Haggard Voix
Harry Haverkos Himself - Former Director, Office of AIDS, NIDA
Margaret Heckler Herself - Politician (archive footage)
David Ho Himself - Scientist (archive footage)
Neville Hodgkinson Himself - Medical and Science Correspondent, The Sunday Times
Criselda Kananda Herself - Radio Commentator, Metro FM
Fassil Keteman Himself - Director, Clinical Trials, Institute of Human Virology
Rubbie King Herself - Sister of Joyce Ann Hafford
Claus Koehnlein Himself - Doctor, Germany
Claudia Kucherer Herself - Molecular Biologist, Robert Koch Institute Germany
Brent Leung Lui-même - Présentateur
Jay Levy Himself - Director, Laboratory for Tumor and AIDS Virus Research
L.H. Maboza Himself - Medunsa, South Africa
Christine Maggiore Herself - Tested HIV Positive
Darren Main Himself - Tested HIV Positive 2000
Rian Malan Himself - South African Journalist & Author

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