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Les garçons du trottoir

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ce que sont devenus Doudou et Nino selon la realisatrice en 2009 (en sachant que le film est tourné en 2003 donc soit 6 ans apres) :

hi all,
this is the latest update:
As it happen, we are going to film Dudu after 5 years. not so sure if we’ll make a follow up documentary. we will have to decide after we’ll meet next week.

Since the film came out, Dudu and Nino had a fight and didn’t keep in touch. Nino left the Garden, fell in love with a Russian girl and moved to live with her, he started working in constructions and received a resident ship from the authorities.
Dudu on the other hand was caught and went to prison he was there for almost three years (for varies crimes..) 6 month ago he was released, but two month later he was caught again while trying to sell weapon.

Then he was sent to a prison located in the outskirts of Tel Aviv only to find out that his cell mate is Nino.

it turned out that Nino was driving without a licence in a “friend’s” car this car turned out to be a stolen one… Nino is sentenced for a year in prison and Dudu a year and a half.
I will see both of them next week.

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