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I really wish I could give this game a 10, but god damn it I hate Kara

Connor and Marcus's storyline are really neatly intertwined, and it depicts a really nice message about the definition of a human and draws amazing parallels with real world racial struggles (although they feel really forced at time. I'd rather have had something more about Consciousness Emergence but hey I still liked it). QTE are so satisfying for something so simple, and the character development is amazing while leading into many thoughts journeys

Kara is just ooga booga look at me I take care of an annoying toddler with the most shitty written plot twist

Like why the fuck don't they show the magazine in the early game where we see Alice is an android ? Why does Luther jerks around and never tells Kara because of x or y bullshit ?

If Kara wasn't in the game, 10/10, but with her, 9/10

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