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Liste des jeux disponibles en version boîte sur Nintendo Wii, triés par date de sortie (en cours : 17/40 pages)
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Aladin Magic Racer (EU, 23 avril 2010)
Alien Monster Bowling League (NA, 20 octobre 2009)
All Star Cheer Squad 2 (27 octobre 2009)
All Star Karate (EU, 21 mai 2010)
Alvin et les Chipmunks 2 (1 décembre 2009)
America’s Next Top Model
Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals: Sing and Dance
Animal Kingdom: Wildlife Expedition
Animal Planet: Vet Life
Anpanman Niko Niko Party (Anpanman Wii)
Arcade Shooting Gallery
Arcade Zone
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?: Back to School
Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?: Game Time
Army Rescue (NA, 20 octobre 2009)
Around the World in 50 Games
Ashes Cricket 2009
ATV Quad Kings
B-Units Build it! (NA, 17 avril 2012)
Babysitting Party
Backyard Football '10
Backyard Sports
Bakugan: Defenders of the Core (2010)
Balloon Pop
Barbie: Jet, Set & Style!
Barbie and the Three Musketeers
Barbie as The Island Princess
Baseball Blast!
Basketball Hall of Fame: Ultimate Hoops Challenge
Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt
Bass Pro Shops: The Strike
Beach Fun Summer Challenge
Beat The Intro (EU, 31 mars 2010)
Bermuda Triangle: Saving the Coral
Big Beach Sports 2
Big Catch Bass Fishing 2
Big League Sports: Summer
Bigfoot: King of Crush
Birthday Party Bash
Block Party
Boot Camp Academy
Brunswick Zone: Cosmic Bowling
Buck Fever
Build-A-Bear Workshop: Friendship Valley
Burger Bot
Bust-A-Move Bash!
Busy Scissors
Canada Hunt
Cars Race-O-Rama
Case Closed: The Mirapolis Investigation
Casper l'Ecole de la Peur : La Terrifiante Journée de Sport (Casper's Scare School: Spooky Sports Day)
Centipede: Infestation
Challenge Me: Word Puzzles
Championship Foosball (25 novembre 2008)
Chaotic: Shadow Warriors
Charm Girls Club: Pajama Party
Chevrolet Camaro: Wild Ride
Chicken Blaster
Chicken Riot
Chuck E. Cheese's Party Games
Chuck E. Cheese's Sports Games
Circus Games
City Builder
Clever Kids: Creepy Crawlies
Clever Kids: Pet Store
Clever Kids: Pirates
Cocoto Kart Racer 2
Cold Stone Creamery: Scoop it Up
Cook Wars
Countdown: The Game
Country Dance 2
Cruise Ship Resort
Cruise Ship Vacation Games
Daikaijuu Battle: Ultra Coliseum
Daikaijuu Battle: Ultra Coliseum DX
Daisy Fuentes Pilates
Dance Sensation!
Data East Arcade Classics (NA, 19 février 2010)
Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos
Deal or No Deal: Special Edition
Densha de Go! Shinkansen EX (JP, 1 mars 2007)
Diva Girls: Diva Ballerina
Diva Girls: Divas on Ice
Doctor Fizzwizzle's Animal Rescue
Dood's Big Adventure
Drawsome! Artist & Drawsome! Sketch Quest
Dream Dance & Cheer
Dream Salon
Emergency Mayhem
Everyone Sing
Family Fest Presents Movie Games
Family Feud: 2010 Edition
Family Feud: 2012 Edition
Family Feud Decades
Family Fun Football
Family GameShow
Family Quiz
Fantastic Football Fan Party
Fast Food Panic
Fit Music
Fix It: Home Improvement Challenge
Flip's Twisted World
Free Running
Fritz Chess
Galileo Mystery: The Crown of Midas
Go Play Circus Star
Go Play Lumberjacks
Gold's Gym: Dance Workout
Gremlins Gizmo
GTI Club: Supermini Festa!
Gummy Bears: Minigolf
Harley-Davidson: Road Trip
Harley Pasternak's Hollywood Workout
Hasbro Family Game Night 1 & 2
Hasbro Family Game Night 4: The Game Show
Haunted House (NA, 28 septembre 2010)
Heathcliff!: The Fast and the Furriest
Hot Wheels : Track Attack (2010)
I Love Horses: Rider's Paradise
Isometric & Karate Exercise
Jakers! Let's Explore
Jewel Quest Trilogy
Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010
Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2011
Jimmie Johnson's Anything with an Engine
Jinsei Game: Happy Family
Jungle Kartz (EU, 15 octobre 2011)
Junior League Sports
Kamen Rider: Chou Climax Heroes (+ Climax Heroes Fourze / OOO / W)
Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight
Karaoke Revolution Glee: Volume 3
Kart Racer
Kevin Van Dam's Big Bass Challenge
Kid Adventures: Sky Captain
Kid Fit Island Resort
Kidz Sports: Crazy Golf
Kiki Trick
King of Pool
Knockout Party
Kylie: Sing & Dance
Maximum Racing
Medieval Games
Milestone Shooting Collection 2
Mind. Body. Soul.: Nutrition Matters
Minute to Win It
Momotarō Dentetsu 2010: Sengoku Ishin no Hero Daishuugou! no Maki
Monster 4x4: Stunt Racer
Monster Mayhem: Build and Battle
Monster Trucks Mayhem
Mountain Sports
My Animal Centre
My Baby First Steps
My Ballet Studio
My First Songs
NASCAR Unleashed (NA, 1 novembre 2011)
Nicktoons MLB (2011)
North American Hunting Extravaganza 2 (NA, 25 mars 2011)
Peppa Pig: The Game
Pheasants Forever
Pirate Blast
Pirates: Hunt for Blackbeard's Booty
Pirates Plundarrr (Pirates Plund-Arrr)
Pizza Delivery Boy
Playmobil Circus : Tous en Piste (EU : 4 juin 2010 / NA : 7 déc. 2009)
Pony Friends 2 (EU : 20 nov. 2009)
Power Punch (2010)
Press Your Luck 2010 Edition (2009)
Project Runway (2010)
Pucca's Race for Kisses (EU, 14 février 2011)
Ram Racing (NA : 7 décembre 2011 / EU : 22 avril 2012)
Rapala We Fish (NA : 29 septembre 2009 / EU : 13 novembre 2009)
Reader Rabbit (1st Grade, 2nd Grade, Kindergarten, Preschool)
Ready Steady Cook (EU, 14 août 2009)
Rec Room Games (NA, 7 déc. 2009)
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (NA, 11 nov. 2010)
Rugby League 3
Santa Claus is Comin' to Town! (NA, 8 nov. 2011)
Satisfashion (NA, 8 juin 2010)
Science Papa (EU : 30 oct. 2009 / NA : 21 juillet 2009)
Série "Sesame Street"
Shape Boxing 2 (JP, 16 décembre 2010)
Shawn Johnson Gymnastics
Shimano Xtreme Fishing (NA, 16 octobre 2009)
Simple 2000 Series Wii Vol. 2: The Party Game
Sleepover Party (NA/EU : 12 janvier 2010)
Smart Series Presents: Jaja's Adventure (JP, 16 mars 2010)
Smarty Pants: Trivia Fun for Everyone (2007)
Space Camp (2009)
Spaghetti Western Shooter (NA, 17 nov. 2011)
Speed 2 (EU, 28 nov. 2012)
Speed Zone (2009)
Squeeballs Party (2009)
Storybook Workshop (NA, 1 déc. 2009)
Summer Stars 2012
Super Sentai Battle: Ranger Cross (JP, 8 septembre 2011)
Super Sonic Racer (NA : 22 juillet 2011 / EU : 27 septembre 2012)
Sushi Go-Round
Swords (NA, 20 septembre 2010)
Taiko no Tatsujin: Chougoukaban (JP, 29 nov. 2012)
Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Dodoon to 2-Daime! (JP, 19 nov. 2009)
Taiko no Tatsujin Wii: Minna de Party ☆ 3-Daime! (JP, 2 déc. 2010)
Team Elimination Games (NA, 10 nov. 2009)
Tele-Shibai Wii (JP, 07/30/09)
The Amazing Race
The Cages: Pro Style Batting Practice
The Crime Files (EU, 25 mars 2011)
The Daring Game for Girls (NA, 9 mars 2009)
The Island of Dr. Frankenstein (NA, 20 octobre 2009)
The World of Golden Eggs: Nori Nori Rhythm Kei (JP, 26 juin 2008)
Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails
Tokyo Friend Park II Ketteiban: Minna de Chousen! Taikan Attraction (JP, 3 déc. 2009)
(Top) Model Academy
Top Shot: Arcade
Top Shot: Dinosaur Hunter
Top Trumps: Adventures
Triple Crown Championship Snowboarding
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Yogi Bear (NA : 7 déc. 2010 / EU : 14 janvier 2011)
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Duel Transer (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's : Master of the Cards)

Les jeux annulés : 100Go de Start ! Eikaiwa (2009) • Pac-Man Carnival (2010) • Clever Kids : Dino Land (2007) • Earache : Extreme Metal Racing (2008) • Pachinder (Hudson, 2008) • Princess Company (Starfish) • Sidewinder • SAN-X All-star Revolution • Keiba Racing • Puzzle Balls (2007) • Tennis Masters (2008) • Leaderboard Golf (2007) • Winter (2007) • Young Justice : Legacy

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