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"1789" - Fuzzy Vox
"A Good Day For Telling Lies" - Pets
"Addicted to That 808" - Trevor Simpson, Enzime Dynamite, Nayelli
"Aerocyclette - Remix" - Stereo De Luxe
"Animals Went In Two By Two" - St. John's Children's Choir
"Annie Mall" - One-Two
"Aquarium" - Arthur Fiedler
"Are We Lucky ?" - Smoking Smoking
"Be More" - bmt
"Big Ball" - The Shell
"Black And White Movie" - The Luxembourg Brothers
"By Your Side" - Little Children
"C B Robo" - The Black Soft
"Catch me... Cacharel" - Mahaut Mondino
"Chicken Fat" - Robert Preston
"Conmigo" - Daniela Mercury, Eumir Deodato
"Coucou disco" - Dimsum
"Daydream" - Sunless
"Dear" - ARTHUR-S, Dom Farkas
"Di Mechaje" - Joachim Johow
"Diamonds" - Josef Salvat
"Don't Sing" - Data, Benny Sings
"Feels Like Coming Home" - Jetta
"Find Our Way Home" - Blues Saraceno
"Freaks" - Dirt Box Disco
"Friday Night Forever" - Dan Gautreau, Wolfgang Black
"Friends" - Kid Parade
"Hard Work" - The U.S. Army Airborne
"Heaven Above" - CCIII, Chen Cho
"Here Comes The Wizard" - LCTRISC
"Hey Now" - Willy Moon
"Hey Now - J'adore Dior Remix" - London Grammar
"Hit the road Jack" - Donuts feat. Swann
"Home" - Deluka
"Human Fly" - The Cramps
"I'm in Love" - Kim
"I'm Your Man" - Nephaste Melody, Noemie B.
"It Had To Be You" - Chyvonne Scott
"It Must Be Something Psychological" - Katie Lee
"It's Oh So Quiet" - Betty Hutton
"Jungle" - X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons
"King Size" - Corleone
"Langue au chat" - Vanessa Contenay-Quinones, Skeewiff
"Les dossiers de l'écran" - Morton Gould
"Let Me In" - Kleerup, Susanne Sundfør
"Long Way From Home" - Fedde Le Grand, Sultan, Ned Shepard
"Mariposa Venenosa" - Coo Coo Birds
"Masquerade" - Nicki Minaj
"Mauvaise mine - Jupiter Remix" - Lafayette
"Need You Tonight" - Liv Tyler
"Not Enuff" - Volage
"One" - Order of Era
"Oops" - Doris Day
"Ouba" - Micky Green
"Pay For It" - Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar
"Portrait Of My Love" - Baba Brooks
"Pritouri Se Planinata" - Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares
"Revolution - Cover Version" - Gary Shaarp
"Rise Again" - Uncle Daddy
"Safety Dance" - The Feeling
"Say It's True" - Ella The Bird
"Set It Off - TheFatRat Remix" - Diplo, Lazerdisk Party Sex, TheFatRat
"She's Got To Be Back Home" - 21Yo
"Shift" - Sumsum
"Sirens Call" - Giorgio Cuscito, Luca Majnardi
"Song - String Version" - Kidstreet
"Staying Alive" - MC Lita
"Step It Up" - Richie Sosa
"Stop All Jerk" - Bikini Machine
"Teenage Crisis" - Kennedy
"The Mole Man" - Schwab
"Trek" - Spencer & Antfood
"True Romance - Gigamesh Remix" - Citizens!
"Turning Heads" - The Streak, Charlotte Cardin, Joey Sherrett
"Walk and Then Run" - BSO
"Wanted You to Know" - David Law
"We Just Love It" - Yaoband, Aventurina King
"We're Going Up" - Tim McMorris
"Welcome To The Jungle" - Novo Amor
"Wham Bam" - Clooney
"What's Going On?" - Monsieur Adi, A*M*E
"Winchester Cathedral" - Dana Rollin
"You Were A Lion" - Happy Campers
"Your Firefly (Georgia Power and Toyota advert)" - Ben Cocks

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