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  • The Fall of Arthur (1930)

    Sortie : 1930. Poésie.

    Livre de J.R.R. Tolkien

    The Fall deals with the end of the legend of Arthur, starting when he is told that Mordred has taken over Camelot, ending with Arthur's death. The text is in verses, and is based on several existing texts and theories. The choices made by the author concerning these are decrypted largely, giving perspective on the evolution of the legend.
  • La Maison des feuilles (2000)

    The House of Leaves

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Mark Z. Danielewski

    This book is mind blowing. Between impossible reality and horrific fiction, you follow the adventures of two characters who's different stories are intertwined. It all revolves around a house in which an extra "room " is found. As you keep reading, the text takes the form of thus strange place in which space and time have lost their meaning.
  • World War Z, une histoire orale de la guerre des zombies (2006)

    World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

    Sortie : 2006. Science-fiction et roman.

    Livre de Max Brooks

    If you've seen the movie, forget this poor adaptation right now! The book is actually a record of conversation between a journalist and the people he interviews years after the "zombie apocalypse". This well constructed text deals with the outbreak of the events, the panic, the reaction, the aftermath... through the stories of politicians, soldiers, civilians, scientists... from all five continents.
  • Special topics in calamity physics (2007)

    Sortie : mai 2007. Roman.

    Livre de Marisha Pessi

    A girl, moving every six months to another part of the United States with her father, a university professor. Their life in smalltown Americana, and her inclusion into the very closed circle of the Bluebloods, a group of students from her high school, led by the wondrous yet enigmatic Hannah Schneider. Mysterious deaths. A group of political extremists, much closer to home than expected. Marisha Pessl's first novel has everything going for it, and certainly is a masterpiece of beautiful writing. The only rub is that it is so well-written that one gets easily lost in the intricate plot. Such beautiful wording would no doubt be more adapted to a more contemplative storyline, as the reflection and deep thinking found in every page fails to carry the sense of urgency usually associated to a mystery novel. An excellent, if quite mismatched, first attempt.
  • Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls (2013)

    Sortie : . Culture & société et essai.

    Livre de David Sedaris

    In this new opus, David Sedaris is back with his acidic quill to expose the raw idiocy of his own ---and other people's--- behaviors, in the US, England and France, where he has lived for some time. Sedaris is certainly funny ---as usual--- and the fun helps lift the dark mood that very often comes with the seriousness of the topics he broaches in his short stories. A must-read for those who live by sarcasm and irony!
  • Guapa (2016)

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Saleem Haddad