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    Like a Rolling Stone

    6:08. Présent dans 59 albums.

    Morceau de Bob Dylan (officially released stereo studio recording)

    life is a battle and a balace between two oposite forces that atract eachoter. male:female, positve: negative. jin: jang 
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    (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (1965)

    (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

    Pop rock et country. Présent dans 36 albums.

    Morceau de The Rolling Stones

    This is what I call real music!
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    3:05. Présent dans 42 albums.

    Morceau de John Lennon (original studio mix)

    I think peace is not just a dream- it's a goal! If we can look beyond our differences and accept each other as who we are, peace will be. Whatever the skin colour, the culture, the nationality, the religion, the sexual orientation, the dress code- just live together in peace and harmony <3 Also, I wish there'd be no country. So starving children, child labour, crime etc. in one country will also be the concern of all others. A problem wouldn't be just confined to one nation, because there won't be any nations just earth! We'd give more charity and there'd be more happy children, mothers and fathers! No countries also means no wars! Resources like oil and the like can be rationalised equally. Instead of just conserving nature in our countries, we conserve nature all around the world! We can tackle animal extinctions together! There'd be no discrimination, because there are no borders! I want to live in a world where being different is the absolute norm. <3 
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    Hey Jude (2006)

    3:59. Présent dans 1 album.

    Remix de The Beatles (Love version)

    And who the fuck is Justin Bieber?
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    Smells Like Teen Spirit

    5:01. Présent dans 5 albums.

    Morceau de Nirvana

    This is so unfair you guys get nirvana and we get twerking and Justin bieber. Someone invent a time machine and transport me back to the 80's/90's
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    My Generation (1998)

    3:19. Pop rock, bande originale et hard/metal. Présent dans 38 albums.

    Morceau de The Who (mono)

    Yeah, I guess this is my generation, so let's talk about it. So much good stuff just rained down on my generation those years and this as one of them. Great unforgettable stuff (and my generation too).:)
  • Purple Haze (2000)

    Jimi Hendrix / Purple Haze

    6:22. Présent dans 1 album.

    Morceau de Jimi Hendrix

    "Weed is just a plant." Well shit cocaine is too XD
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    Smoke on the Water (1972)

    5:37. Pop rock et hard/metal. Présent dans 86 albums.

    Morceau de Deep Purple

    Guys, you are very stupid....the 70's are much better than the 80's....all i like in the 80's is Iron Maiden, one of the best bands ever....maybe you say that the 80's are the bests because you're younger than me, but go listen to réal 70's music like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, T-Rex, Deep Purple (the others tracks), Jethro Tull...
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    Let It Be (1970)

    4:03. Pop rock. Présent dans 9 albums.

    Morceau de The Beatles (original studio album mix)

    La douceur, c’est l’ivresse des mots…
    Pour les personnes tendres, c’est un cadeau…
    Le coeur est un océan de secrets ,on a toujours peur de dire ce que l'on ressent ,surtout quand on est pas sûr des sentiments de la personne en question !!!!!!!!!!! Pourquoi ? Pourquoi ne pas tenter ?
    Qui ne tente rien n'a rien dit on !!!
    La vie est courte alors ,pourquoi se tuer à cacher ce qu'on ressent? Il faut tout oser ..............
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    No Woman, No Cry (1974)

    3:46. Reggae. Présent dans 4 albums.

    Morceau de Bob Marley & The Wailers

    If Bob Marley was still alive.
    I'm sure we got more freedom.

    Same like Elvis.. If he was still alive, we still got rock&roll.
  • Stairway to Heaven (Live)

    Stairway to Heaven


    Morceau live de Led Zeppelin

    I was raised in the 70s and 80s. I feel that those decades possessed the last good songs in the genres of soft rock, rock, and country. I am glad I didn't grow up with hip-hop (no offense to anyone) dominating the radio waves. Today's male country artist almost all sound like one another; same for female singer sounding alike these days (again, mostly). I love country of the 70s and rock of the 70s and 80s. Although 80s rock is more commonly called pop. So, I understand your liking "Stairway to Heaven" and other songs not of your particular generation.
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    Light My Fire

    7:07. Présent dans 38 albums.

    Morceau de The Doors (original stereo studio mix)

    be high and listen to this..whoaaAAaa
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    Anarchy in the UK (1993)

    Anarchy in the U.K.

    3:30. Pop rock. Présent dans 58 albums.

    Morceau de Sex Pistols

    the ones who disliked this are arses.
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    Blitzkrieg Bop (Live) (1979)

    Blitzkrieg Bop

    2:05. Présent dans 4 albums.

    Morceau live de Ramones (live, 1977-12-31: The Rainbow Theatre, London, UK)

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    Wish You Were Here (Live) (1995)

    Wish You Were Here

    6:37. Pop rock. Présent dans 2 albums.

    Morceau live de Pink Floyd (live, 1994-09-20: Cinecittà, Rome, Italy)

    that awk moment when im listening to real music ( pink floyd ) and people in school are listening to gay rap and laddy fags singing like laddy gaga, wtf did music come to? and this is comming from a 15 year old....
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    You Really Got Me

    2:14. Présent dans 196 albums.

    Morceau de The Kinks (mono mix)

    The Kinks always confuse me because they sounded like the 70s back in the 60s
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    Hit the Road Jack

    2:01. Présent dans 59 albums.

    Morceau de Ray Charles

    classic , i'm 23 years old and i love to listen to Ray Charles
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    Heartbreak Hotel

    2:13. Présent dans 155 albums.

    Morceau de Elvis Presley

    wow im 13 and i still LOVE his songs!!
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    Heroes (1984)

    6:10. Pop rock et electro/techno. Présent dans 9 albums.

    Morceau de David Bowie

    The real King of Pop.
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    Hotel California (1976)

    6:15. Pop rock et blues. Présent dans 2 albums.

    Morceau de Eagles

    my favorite child hood song growing up.....awww the good old days when you could listen to queen the beatles and the egles and other good songs on the radio........now days its just Justian bieber and dubstep ;-; and we all know how that turned out 
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    The Sound of Silence

    3:06. Présent dans 93 albums.

    Morceau de Simon & Garfunkel (overdubbed remix 1965)

    Genious. Incomparable. World Heritage. Eternal beauty.
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    All Along the Watchtower

    3:59. Présent dans 42 albums.

    Morceau de Jimi Hendrix

    A lot of great music will be left unnoticed until they are gone.... just like nirvana, they only got noticed after Kurts death
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    Bohemian Rhapsody

    5:52. Présent dans 89 albums.

    Morceau de Queen

    This is such a great song. Listen to it all the time. (I'm 18)
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    Je t’aime… moi non plus

    4:18. Présent dans 116 albums.

    Morceau de Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg

    I feel like I need a cigarette after listening to this, beautiful song.
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    Petit Frère

    4:44. Présent dans 11 albums.

    Morceau de IAM

    Que tous les rappeurs qui se croient "wesh,wesh" , prenez exemple sur cette merveille.
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    N.Y. State of Mind (1994)

    4:54. Présent dans 4 albums.

    Morceau de Nas

    Saints row 2 soundtrack!!! Fuckin love this song!!!! It makes me feel like ima gangster!!!!xD
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    Shook Ones Part II

    5:21. Présent dans 7 albums.

    Morceau de Mobb Deep

    If you rap with this you are a true Hip Hop fan! This new stuff, I don't know what they are saying and don't know the words.
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    One More Time (2004)

    5:23. Electro/techno. Présent dans 17 albums.

    Morceau de Daft Punk

    The best part of it is that teenagers don't like this song so I will not hear comments like: "back when Daft Punk used to be good".
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    I Wanna Be Your Dog (1972)

    3:08. Pop rock. Présent dans 37 albums.

    Morceau de The Stooges

    I was listening to this and my avid 1d fan of a sister comes in and sees the album and asks why they all look like girls and look her in the eye and say and one direction isn't? So she just stormed off
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    Perfect Day (1996)

    3:44. Pop rock et bande originale. Présent dans 104 albums.

    Morceau de Lou Reed

    Probably my fave song by Lou Reed. It was used in many charity raising events and yet most people did not get the connotation of the lyrics.
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