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  • 1

    Sarah Silverman : Jesus is Magic (2005)

    1 h 12 min. Sortie : . Comédie et comédie musicale.

    Documentaire de Liam Lynch avec Sarah Silverman, Brian Posehn, Laura Silverman

    The best time to have a baby is when you're a black teenager.
  • 2

    Russell Peters: Outsourced (2006)

    1 h 33 min. Sortie : août 2006. Comédie.

    Film de Alan C. Blomquist avec Russell Peters et Angelo Tsarouchas

    Indian parents aren't afraid to kill their kids if they have to. My dad's story was "If I get rid of one I will make another one! And I will tell the new one what an idiot the last one was!"
  • 3

    John Mulaney: New in Town (2012)

    40 min. Sortie : . Comédie.

    Spectacle de Ryan Polito et Jake Szymanski avec John Mulaney

    I am homeless, I am gay, I have AIDS and I am new in town.
  • 4

    Simon Amstell: Numb (2012)

    58 min. Sortie : . Comédie.

    Spectacle de Tim Kirkby avec Simon Amstell

    I was in Amsterdam for about three days, thinking about sex the whole time that I was there, apart from 40 minutes in the Anne Frank museum. And I was there for an hour.
  • 5

    Louis CK : Live at the Beacon Theater (2011)

    1 h 03 min. Sortie : . Comédie.

    Spectacle de Louis C.K. avec Louis C.K.

    You can't tell your teenager with a straight face : "You can't do drugs. All drugs are a perfect solution do all the problems you have right now. Drugs are so fucking good they'll ruin your life"
  • 6

    Amy Schumer: Mostly Sex Stuff (2012)

    1 h. Sortie : . Comédie.

    Spectacle de Brian Schnuckel avec Amy Schumer

    We don't care about a guy's balls. But when they're not there, you miss them. Like grandparents
  • 7

    Donald Glover - Weirdo (2012)

    1 h 05 min. Sortie : . Comédie.

    Spectacle de Michelle Caputo avec Childish Gambino

    We never went to Toys 'R' Us, we always went to fucking Auschwitz for kids - Home Depot.
  • 8

    Sarah Silverman : We Are Miracles (2013)

    1 h. Sortie : . Comédie.

    Film de Liam Lynch avec Sarah Silverman, Daniel Steven Gonzalez, Cuete Yeska

    When you’re a bed wetter there’s only one group of people you can feel better than, bed shitters, and unfortunately they’re hard to come by.
  • 9

    Russell Peters: The Green Card Tour (2011)

    1 h 28 min. Sortie : juillet 2011. Comédie.

    Spectacle de David Higby avec Russell Peters

    Saudis do dumb things. [...] The Palm tree in Dubai is only good if you're flying over.
    They you look down and you go "Hey look, Palm tree". But you go to Palm Tree island, now you're on the island, you don't see bomb tree anymore.
    Hey, now I'm on shitty sandbar in the middle of the ocean.
  • 10

    Kristen Schaal: Live at the Fillmore (2013)

    1 h. Sortie : . Comédie.

    Spectacle de Ryan Polito avec Kristen Schaal, Kurt Braunohler, Eugene Mirman

    I cannot have bad luck tonight, I already lost one rabbit's foot, somebody stole my monkey paw and all I have left is one camel's toe.
  • 11

    Ricky Gervais Live 4: Science (2010)

    Sortie : 2010. Comédie.

    Spectacle avec Ricky Gervais

    I don't want any fat peopIe to feeI uncomfortable at one of my gigs, so next time, buy two seats. Right?

    I haven't got a problem with fat people.
    No, even though it is their own fault... and it is their own fault.
  • 12

    Nick Kroll: Thank You Very Cool (2011)

    42 min. Sortie : . Comédie.

    Spectacle de Ryan Polito avec Nick Kroll, Brooklyn Franano, Lauren Franano

    If you are still using porno magazines, you're basically telling everyone that you have no idea what the Internet is.
  • 13

    Wyatt Cenac: Comedy Person (2011)

    1 h 09 min. Sortie : .

    Film de Miles Kahn

  • 14

    John Oliver: Terrifying Times (2008)

    1 h. Sortie : .

    Spectacle de Troy Miller

  • 15

    Wishful Drinking : L'Autobiographie de Carrie Fisher (2010)

    Carrie Fisher: Wishful Drinking

    1 h 17 min. Sortie : . Comédie.

    Documentaire de Fenton Bailey et Randy Barbato avec Carrie Fisher, Eddie Fisher, Harry Karl