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Hannibal ·

Daredevil - Paper Clips
Aliens - Power Loader
An Eye For An Eye - Telephone
Hellboy - Payphone
Beverly Hills Ninja - Fish
Austin Powers - Toothpaste
Hot Shots! Part Deux - Chicken
Hot Fuzz - Wet Floor Sign
Kill Bill: Vol. 1 - Frying Pan
Tangled - Frying Pan
Walking Tall - Frying Pan
Kiss of the Dragon - Chopsticks
Machete - Meat Thermometer
Nacho Libre - Corn
Sleepwalkers - Corn
Project A - Chili Peppers
Hancock - Candy Bar
Law Abiding Citizen - Steak Bone
Shanghai Noon - Moose Antlers
Kiss of the Dragon - Pool Ball
IP Man - Feather Duster
Kiss of the Dragon - Scooter
Shanghai Noon - Horseshoe Rope
Commando - Pipe
Die Hard 2 - Icicle
The Boondock Saints - Toilet
The Bourne Ultimatum - Book
Colombiana - Toothbrush
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Hockey Stick
The Dark Knight - Pencil
Grosse Pointe Blank - Pen
Machete - Mop
Single White Female - High Heel Shoe
Storage 24 - Exploding Puppy
The World's End - Barstools
Foxy Brown - Barstool
The Incredible Shrinking Man - Push Pin
The Wizard of Oz - Water
Grosse Pointe Blank - TV
Scream - TV
Deadly Friend - Basketball
Godzilla and Mothra - Ferris Wheel
Walking Tall - 4x4 Lumber
Army of Darkness - Chainsaw Arm
From Dusk Till Dawn - Crotch Gun
Mystery Men - Canned Tornado
There Will Be Blood - Bowling Pin
Austin Powers - Shoe

Bilal Quisemarrerouge ·

Une échelle dans Jackie Chan (Je me souviens plus lequel)

Le dernier Goncourt était-il vraiment mérité ? Débattez-en ici
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