Saison 2

10 épisodes

(4 h)


S2 E1 Teenagers

Amy grapples with irrational fear, utter confusion, and emotional fragility, and then she meets a teenager. Yup, you will meet an actual teenager, and Amy will learn a little something along the way.


S2 E2 Creativity

After Amy finds it impossible to create a hat from craft room odds and ends, she is formally diagnosed with crafter's block. Watch Amy battle back from the brink of madness to find the courage to return to her felt scraps and fabric glue.

All About Amy

S2 E3 All About Amy

Amy invites the winner of the "Biggest Fan Essay Contest" to co-host. But as she shares her kitchen and craft room with contest winner Mary from Two Points, it becomes clear that Mary has her eyes on something much more than co-hosting.


S2 E4 Makeover

In her closet, Amy discovers the ghost of a dead sea captain with a keen eye for home décor. But as the two bond over curtains, they wind up falling in love. Will Amy chose the dead over the living? Tune in to find out!


S2 E5 Anniversary

Amy celebrates the show's 15th episode anniversary with big celebrity guests, local singers, balloons, and a look back at some of the show's most memorable moments that nobody remembers.


S2 E6 Halloween

Amy finds out her set has a gory past and might be haunted after talking to the Research Triangle's town historian about Halloween lore. Unnerved, Amy moves forward with her show, only to encounter a strange and horrific sequence of events!


S2 E7 Hospital-tality


S2 E8 Thanksgiving

Amy hosts a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but as she and her guests sit down, a flock of unhappy turkeys seeks revenge for the fate of their roasted brethren. Trapped, Amy and her friends must discover the true meaning of Thanksgiving.


S2 E9 Confectionaries

Amy has a special sponsor, Confederated Sugar Industries, which sends over its Confederated Sugar mascot, Sugar Griz; the two happily demonstrate how to make sweet things until Sugar Griz becomes not so sweet.

Game Night

S2 E10 Game Night

Amy invites some friends over, including a special guest, for an evening of adult play and finger foods; when a freak storm slams into the Research Triangle area, Amy's game night turns into a life-and-death struggle.