Saison 1

25 épisodes

(4 h 10 min)

Tube of Pain

S1 E1 Tube of Pain

As D.D. Danger and her giant, talking egg best friend Phillip plan out an extreme obstacle run, but get distracted by Chickenpaw Park's weirdest water slide.


S1 E2 Broccoli

When Phillip discovers that he likes broccoli, he realizes he may be an adult. D.D. helps prepare her friend for his new grown-up responsibilities before it's too late.

Ren Faire

S1 E3 Ren Faire

When D.D. and Phillip are separated at a Renaissance Faire, each questions the norms and expectations of the mock-medieval society.

Satellite Gardens

S1 E4 Satellite Gardens

D.D. and Phillip stumble upon an overgrown garden in a peculiar crater where they find things that are not what they seem.


S1 E5 Raccoons

D.D. and Phillip save an injured raccoon that takes an unexpected interest in Phillip's inventions.

Sheriff Luke

S1 E6 Sheriff Luke

It's Give A Chicken A Medal Day and Phillip wants this year to be the safest yet. A rule-loving junior sheriff wants to help, but takes things too far.

Keep Off The Grass

S1 E7 Keep Off The Grass

Phillip and D.D. meet Layla, the most bored kid in Chickenpaw Park. D.D. takes it upon herself to prove how exciting the park is, but ends up leading the group to an unusual underground world.


S1 E8 Pennies

Phillip and D.D. must make the city to believe in itself again after Phillip cleans the pennies out of the park fountain, possibly un-wishing everyone's wishes.

Finding Cheryl

S1 E9 Finding Cheryl

Phillip and D.D. explore a complicated office building looking for permission to jam at the bandshell.

The Trio

S1 E10 The Trio

D.D. and Phillip work through the stages of grief as they try to convince a new friend to stay in town.

Pete Peril

S1 E11 Pete Peril

D.D.'s dad's stunting record is on the line when famous daredevil Pete Peril visits the park.


S1 E12 PhillipCon

D.D. changes her name to join Phillip at a convention for people named Phillip.


S1 E13 Hide

When the ultimate game of hide-and-seek leads the friends to a deserted island, D.D. and Phillip's friendship is at stake.

Alligator King

S1 E14 Alligator King

Duncan is back and will do anything to make friends, including hording all the water in the park.

Morning Routine

S1 E15 Morning Routine

When D.D. wakes up earlier than she's ever woken before, she and Phillip learn that the Pigeon Lady has been guarding an ancient routine that will change the way they look at the park.

Lost & Found

S1 E16 Lost & Found

Someone leaves the coolest pair of rollerskates at Phillip's Lost & Found booth and D.D. will do whatever it takes to keep them for herself.

Dog Park

S1 E17 Dog Park

Trading Post

S1 E18 Trading Post

Phillip and D.D find their friendship strained when they stumble upon a secret, underground trading post.

Check Mates

S1 E19 Check Mates

Bored with chess, D.D. wants to prove to Phillip that a game with no rules can be just as fun.

Pirate Gorgeous

S1 E20 Pirate Gorgeous

The friends perform a play on a real pirate ship where Phillip wants to be seen as a true performer, not just as an egg.

Chill Twins

S1 E21 Chill Twins

Corporate Raider Jim wants to demolish a beloved historical landmark, but D.D. and Phillip try to inspire the community to save it.


S1 E22 Nightmare

D.D. is having a recurring nightmare and Phillip must overcome his biggest fear to help his best friend.

The Big Z

S1 E23 The Big Z

D.D and Phillip find one of the Eight Thrilling Wonders of Chickenpaw Park, but a serious asthma attack puts D.D. in literal danger.

Trix Blixon

S1 E24 Trix Blixon

Action Star Trix Blixon visits the park to join Phillip and D.D. as they attempt a winterized extreme obstacle run.

Chosen Family

S1 E25 Chosen Family

D.D. and Phillip's favorite day of the year interrupted by a H.A.R.M. invasion that threatens to send Phillip and his mom underground.