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Saison 1

13 épisodes

(5 h 25 min)

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The Teenage Girl Beneath the Lamplight

S1 E1 The Teenage Girl Beneath the Lamplight

A young salaryman finds a teenage girl sitting under a lamp post on his way home. She offers to sleep with him in exchange for a place to stay. He turns her down, but gives her a place to stay anyway. Their strange life together begins... Source: crunchyroll

Cell Phone

S1 E2 Cell Phone

Things are changing quickly for Yoshida, as the girls at work start to take an interest in him. Meanwhile, he tries to get Sayu a cellphone, but she refuses... Source: crunchyroll

Living Together

S1 E3 Living Together

Yoshida settles into his new life with Sayu, but the people around him are quick to notice the change, and very curious about what's going on. Source: crunchyroll

Part-Time Job

S1 E4 Part-Time Job

Sayu picks up a part-time job, which leads her to make a new friend. The new friend wants to come over, but what if she finds about Sayu and Yoshida? Source: crunchyroll


S1 E5 Reality

Gotou demands to be taken to see Sayu. Is she trying to get a love rival out of the picture, or is she after something else? Source: crunchyroll

Starry Sky

S1 E6 Starry Sky

Sayu has an encounter with a man from her recent past, and his intentions aren't good at all. Source: crunchyroll


S1 E7 Yearning

As Sayu's family gets closer and closer to tracking her down, she realizes that she may be heading home sooner than she thinks. Source: crunchyroll

Summer Festival

S1 E8 Summer Festival

Sayu's brother has tracked her down, and she realizes it's only a matter of time before she has to go home. She's forced to reflect; what did she learn since she ran away, and what will she take home with her? Source: crunchyroll


S1 E9 Past

Before she goes home, Sayu decides to open up about her terrible past, and what made her run away. Source: crunchyroll


S1 E10 Proof

As Sayu prepares to go home, Yoshida is forced to make a choice. Will he let their relationship end here? Source: crunchyroll


S1 E11 Resolve

Yoshida follows Sayu back to Hokkaido, as she begins to face her past and come to terms with her future. Source: crunchyroll


S1 E12 Mother


S1 E13 Future