Hashtag I’m Worth It

S1 E1 Hashtag I’m Worth It

Pawns and Chiefs

S1 E2 Pawns and Chiefs

We in These Streets

S1 E3 We in These Streets

You Ain't Gangsta

S1 E4 You Ain't Gangsta

You Got Curved

S1 E5 You Got Curved

Ain't Got Time

S1 E6 Ain't Got Time

Eva struggles with her abusive past and reveals her crush to her manager after he gives her positive feedback about her latest comedy performance; Raquel forces Darnell to choose between his family and Danny.

Girl You're a Mess

S1 E7 Girl You're a Mess

Danielle's comedy show causes Darnell to question his working relationship with her; Alicia makes a decision about Black Rose; Eva throws Baggy a surprise birthday party.

Sky's the Limit

S1 E8 Sky's the Limit

Getting her hustle on, Alicia makes a move to represent Azia despite Santos and Darnell; Jesse and Ivy discover the limits of their struggling romance; Darnell recommits himself to his family.

Clapback Season

S1 E9 Clapback Season