Saison 1

7 épisodes

(3 h 30 min)

Round One

S1 E1 Round One

Former pro boxer Tommy "Little Dog" Ross is living a life of general self-destruction when an old rival challenges him to a rematch. He struggles to get the noise of his strong-willed family out of his head in order to decide whether or not to get back in the ring.

Round Two

S1 E2 Round Two

Having accepted the rematch with his old rival Rico 'Havoc' St. George in a moment of bravado, Tommy soon realizes there's no way out. In an effort to raise funds, he somehow finds himself returning to the boxing ring even sooner than he intended.

Round Three

S1 E3 Round Three

Tommy tries to get his old job back at Devereaux's Seafood Empire, but when it doesn't go quite as planned, an offer from his dad's old crony grows more appealing. Vaani finds herself attending one of Ginny's self-help seminars.

Round Four

S1 E4 Round Four

Tommy and Vaani's past comes back to haunt them when they're both visited by old flames. Tucker trains Tommy by questionable methods while Rico dominates the fight press conference.

Round Five

S1 E5 Round Five

Things are going well for Tommy in jail until his bail is posted and he's under Sylvia's sharp-eyed surety. With help from Lowly Jr., Tommy convinces Vaani to join the Ross family for dinner.

Round Six

S1 E6 Round Six

Encouragement from his father and the community make Tommy begin to believe in himself again. Pamela catches Rico at one of Ginny's seminars and everyone attends the official weigh-in. Tucker presents Tommy with an impossible choice.

Round Seven

S1 E7 Round Seven

With Tucker pressuring Tommy to throw the fight, his family preoccupied and his father still in jail, Tommy must decide whether he'll fight to win on his own.