Saison 1

6 épisodes

(6 h)

Adults Only

S1 E1 Adults Only

Mal’s bought an RV Park with plans for a booming family-run business, but it soon turns out that they are not going to be living the dream they hoped. Before they’ve even settled in, Mal discovers that the park is home to a group of eccentric residents who are not exactly thrilled to meet their new owners. Jen has to learn how to survive American suburbia and the kids have to navigate a US high school. With culture clashes aplenty, life in Britain soon seems even further away than they’d thought it would. But with the support of each other and their crazy new friends, they begin to learn how to live the American dream.

Gators for Cougars

S1 E2 Gators for Cougars

Having packed it all in for a life in the sun, things aren't quite going to plan for Mal, Jen and the kids. Mal's battling to keep the peace with burly park resident Troy and Tina and Freddie struggle to get to grips with life in an American high school. Meanwhile, Jen's in for an unexpected makeover when Rhonda invites her to a ladies' lunch.

True Love Waits

S1 E3 True Love Waits

The park's septic tank explodes and Mal and Jen are forced to turn to the only sewage expert around: Mayor Herman Bloch, the eccentric father of Tina's new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Freddie struggles to find his place at school, and Conan looks to take his and Tina's relationship to a whole new level... and it's not one Tina was expecting.


S1 E4 Krakatoa

Troy's wrestling nemesis rocks up demanding a rematch to settle old scores. It's good news for Mal, who sees it as a chance to put his RV park on the map.

Blink Test

S1 E5 Blink Test

Jen's horrified when her over-critical mum shows up three weeks early. Mal and Freddie hatch a money-making scheme that means hosting a rather unusual wedding.

Snake in the Grass

S1 E6 Snake in the Grass

A lawyer's letter delivers Mal and Jen another blow. They need to track down the park's mystery co-owner. And to do so, they'll need the residents' help.