Saison 2

6 épisodes

(6 h)

Steak Out

S2 E1 Steak Out

An attempted burglary triggers Mal to buy a gun in episode one, and that means going behind Jen's back. And there are some very dodgy brownies on offer when they are invited to their new nextdoor neighbours. As for the kids, Tina tries to find a way to dump boring boyfriend Conan without breaking his heart and Freddie worries his mum when he starts falling for the class bad girl.

Visa Tambien

S2 E2 Visa Tambien

Visa problems force Mal to fire Jen from the RV park, putting a strain on their relationship. With no job to occupy her, Jen begins to worry that Freddie is dealing drugs. Meanwhile, Tina and Herman get together to plot Conan's future.

The British Method

S2 E3 The British Method

New employee Stacee sets about making big changes at the park, ruffling a few feathers in the process. Jen restarts her sports physio career, working for star golfer, TJ. While Mal and new resident Marvin go hunting for wild boar and end up in a whole lot of trouble.

Pickled Eggs

S2 E4 Pickled Eggs

Mal's turning 50 and is having a crisis of masculinity. The Park residents try to help him get through it with an ancient ceremony, while his family put on a surprise party. Tina's new role as high school investigative journalist puts her on the trail of a student putting on an illegal rave.

Awards Season

S2 E5 Awards Season

It's the RV Park of The Year Awards, and Kissimmee Sunshine RV Park could win Best Park. Mal is certain that the judges are staying in the Park and everyone's a suspect. Meanwhile Herman's wife, Larissa, suggests to Jen that it might help the cause if she can bring her client, star golfer TJ, to the ceremony.

Engdangered Species

S2 E6 Engdangered Species

Mayor Herman Bloch is up for re-election and has made it his campaign promise to shut down RV Parks. Mal is furious and decides to get someone from the park to run against him for Mayor. He picks one of the residents and has to get them ready to fight Herman in the televised debate at the Park. The future of their RV Park depends on it....