Saison 1

12 épisodes

(5 h)

The Centaur of the Arena

S1 E1 The Centaur of the Arena

In Lindworm where monsters and humans live together peacefully, a human doctor named Glenn who specializes in monster medicine runs a clinic with his assistant Sapphee. They see numerous patients on a day-to-day basis. One day, the arena in town asks the clinic to do physicals on their fighters and they happen to meet a centaur girl named Tisalia, who is basically centaur royalty. She is an excellent fighter but seems to be on a losing streak lately. Her attendants, Kay and Lorna, are worried that Tisalia might be suffering from some kind of ailment and ask Glenn to examine her. Source: crunchyroll

The Mermaid of the Waterways

S1 E2 The Mermaid of the Waterways

Glenn and Sapphee head to a paradise for water monsters called Merrow Waterways in order to buy some purified water. Sapphee was treating this as a date and enjoying her time alone with Glenn. While on their outing, they meet a mermaid girl named Lulala. Lulala made a living by singing to tourists and she asks if Glenn and Sapphee would buy a song from her. Glenn notices that her gills seem to still be open on land and becomes worried. He then offers to examine her in exchange for her song. Source: crunchyroll

The Flesh Golem Who Hates Doctors

S1 E3 The Flesh Golem Who Hates Doctors

One day, the Draconness comes to visit the clinic along with her bodyguard, Kunai. Skadi had come to the clinic to ask Glenn to help Kunai find one of her arms and reattach it, after she lost it in a battle against some bandits. However, it is revealed that the flesh golem Kunai hates doctors, which makes her treatment rather difficult. Glenn looks all around Lindworm for Kunai’s arm. Seeing this, Kunai... Source: crunchyroll

The Lamia with an Incurable Disease

S1 E4 The Lamia with an Incurable Disease

The clinic is suddenly attacked. The attackers are the slavers that Kunai had been after. Glenn and Sapphee manage to escape, and Kunai, who had come to help them, tells them that there was an operation underway to expose the slavers that night. Glenn and Sapphee accompany Kunai to the raid and they find some harpy girls who had been kidnapped. One of them seemed to suffering from a lot of pain in her abdomen. Glenn immediately starts to treat her, but then the slavers find them and... Source: crunchyroll

The Centaur with a Sprain

S1 E5 The Centaur with a Sprain

Glenn and Sapphee head to the harpy village to examine the harpies. As Tisalia leads their carriage up the mountains, there’s a sudden earthquake and landslide and Kay sprains her ankle. Glenn examines the harpies and notices Lorna acting strange. Tisalia, who also noticed something wrong with Lorna, barges in on Glenn and Sapphee during dinnertime to discuss the matter. She tells them that Lorna is usually rather responsible and reliable, but her head has been in the clouds lately. Glenn decides to check on Lorna because of Tisalia’s request. Source: crunchyroll

The Harpy Who Couldn't Fly

S1 E6 The Harpy Who Couldn't Fly

After being rescued from the slavers, Illy had been living with the other harpies in their village, but she was troubled because her feathers were falling out and she couldn’t fly anymore. Illy only agreed to be examined by Glenn if Tisalia was present. He thought that was a little strange but agreed to it. Glenn tells her the reason that she can’t fly right now is that she’s molting, but Illy doesn’t agree with his diagnosis and runs off. Illy is convinced that she’s sick and calls Glenn a quack doctor. As Glenn observes her behavior, he notices a change occurring in her. Source: crunchyroll

The Hedonistic Arachne

S1 E7 The Hedonistic Arachne

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