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Harem stuff : college, 4 girl, 1 guy.

Good graphics. Good voice actores. Buuuut. Male gaze. So much male gaze.
- 1 third wheel that is in love for no good reason.
- 1 tomboy charmed by saying "you would be cute if you dressed like a girl" (...Really...)
- 1 tsundere charmed by... Well tsundering.

The opening is creepy and useless. The story doesn't stand up.

There is touching moment, funny ones too. But godammit. It's like... Super degrading for the girls to just be craving for the same unintersting guy. And why should it only be hetero stuff ? Why only one male interest in the whole story ?

In fact its like great talent but with a Renma scenario. And renma scenarios are fucking lame.

I feel like it's super unimaginative, like. Way too much. And also way too classic. I've seen this story too much. It wouldn't have taken much to do something really good ? But it didn't, obviously T_T

Some aweful moral creeping below :
- Girls can't be friend with a guy (they have to fall in love at some point or just stop talking alltogether)
- All girls like/want to be called cute (... yeah well, I kinda doubt it. Creep.)
- The less cute girls work to protect the chastity or support main cuter girls. And have no feelings. ... Wat ?
- Boys are more perverted then girls
- All romance hazzz to be hetero

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