Saison 1

12 épisodes

(12 h)

Hustle 101

S1 E1 Hustle 101

Legendary mogul T.I. brings 16 hustlers from around the country to compete for a spot in his Grand Hustle Empire. First impressions are key, as T.I. challenges the contestants to make something out of nothing.

Pop Up Shop

S1 E2 Pop Up Shop

The remaining 14 hustlers are splint into two teams and sell merchandise in competing popups.

Failure to Launch

S1 E3 Failure to Launch

The 13 remaining hustlers are put to the test when T.I. has the two teams throw separate launch parties for his Grand Hustle artists. But when utter failure occurs, two hustlers pay the highest price.

Us or Else

S1 E4 Us or Else

A shocking 911 call sidelines a hustler while the remaining 10 are tasked to raise awareness for the Us or Else initiative. Renowned rapper David Banner inspires the teams to put arguing aside and make a difference.

If the Shoe Fits

S1 E5 If the Shoe Fits

The 10 remaining hustlers have to create a new shoe line, but they may not meet T.I.'s high standards. Cracks form within the teams, and chaos ensues, sending one unfortunate hustler to hit the pavement.

The Hustle Never Stops

S1 E6 The Hustle Never Stops

T.I. tricks the nine hustlers with a much-needed break, but a true hustler knows there are no days off. When a pool party celebration escalates, T.I. is asounded and sends a hustler on a permanent vacation.

Lights, Camera, Hustle

S1 E7 Lights, Camera, Hustle

The eight remaining hustlers are tasked to create a music video for two Grand Hustle artists. The stakes are high and some hustlers begin to fold under pressure, while one unexpected hero rises.

Casino Night

S1 E8 Casino Night

The seven remaining hustlers join together for a charity casino night to raise money for T.I.'s Harris Community Works Foundation. One hustler goes all in to make their mark, but ends up rolling snake eyes and is sent home.

No Hollywood Ending

S1 E9 No Hollywood Ending

Every moment counts as the six remaining hustlers have to pitch a movie idea to T.I. When teams begin to lose focus, the projects unravel. In the end, one A-lister makes a critical error and pays the ultimate price.

Family Values

S1 E10 Family Values

The five remaining hustlers are put to the ultimate test by T.I.'s family.

Assistant for a Day

S1 E11 Assistant for a Day

The remaining four hustlers must set aside their pride and act as assistants to members of the Grand Hustle team.

What happens in Vegas

S1 E12 What happens in Vegas

Finale. Description unavailable.