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My Name Is Playmaker

S1 E1 My Name Is Playmaker

Den City is the city where the newest network technology was developed. There we have the LINK VRAINS, a cyberspace managed by the SOL Technologies Inc. where people Duel night and day. Our protagonist, Yusaku Fujiki, is a cool student with excellent observation abilities. In order to defeat a group who plans to ruin the LINK VRAINS, the Knights of Hanoi, he transforms into his avatar Playmaker and Duels them. One day, Yusaku gets the information that SOL Technology is desperately searching for: a mysterious lifeform with the help of Shoichi Kusanagi, a hacker who shares Yusaku's goals. Noticing the Knights of Hanoi are also after it, Yusaku prepares a trap and plans his capture strategies...

Seize the Wind! Storm Access

S1 E2 Seize the Wind! Storm Access

Yusaku managed to capture the Mysterious Lifeform as he chases after the Knights of Hanoi. In order to defeat them, he logs into the VR Space network, LINK VRAINS, as Playmaker. He commenced a Duel, holding the lifeform as a hostage. However, the lifeform predicted that "Yusaku can't win with his Deck", and performed a certain action...

First Contact

S1 E3 First Contact

Yusaku begins to examine the information hidden in the Mysterious Lifeform. Meanwhile, after his Duel against the Knights in the network, he became famous as the hero who saved LINK VRAINS. Learning that the lifeform is with Playmaker, SOL Technology sets up an operation to capture it...

Charisma Duelist Go Onizuka

S1 E4 Charisma Duelist Go Onizuka

The true identity of the Knight of Hanoi who suddenly appears is Go Onizuka, a Charisma Duelist. As the new hero of LINK VRAINS, Playmaker has stolen away some of GO's fans. In order to regain their support, GO challenges Playmaker to a Duel.

The Three Count Rings

S1 E5 The Three Count Rings

GO carries out his Duel in a manner similar to Pro-Wrestling, using Dueling as a means to entertain the audience. Playmaker seems to be interested in this playstyle, which is different from his calm and calculated playstyle. As if acknowledging GO Onizuka’s Dueling, Playmaker Summons "Decode Talker", despite taking a huge amount of damage. And thus, the two’s ace monsters clash!

Idol!! Blue Angel

S1 E6 Idol!! Blue Angel

Aoi Zaizen works as a Charisma Duelist under the alias Blue Angel in LINK VRAINS. In order to gain recognition from her brother, Akira Zaizen, she publicly challenges Playmaker to a Duel in LINK VRAINS. However, Playmaker did not respond to her challenge. Instead, the one who appeared before her is Specter, who has disguised as her fan!

Hanoi's Angel

S1 E7 Hanoi's Angel

Feeling that the Knights of Hanoi are behind Blue Angel, Yusaku decides to Duel her to find out her real intentions. However, Playmaker is gradually driven into a corner by Blue Angel’s tactics, which focus on dealing effect damage. Blue Angel’s strong desire to be recognized by her brother has fueled her Dueling, and she won’t hold back...

The One Who Commands the Wind

S1 E8 The One Who Commands the Wind

Due to Hanoi's program, Aoi Zaizen is now in a comatose state. Feeling responsible for dragging her into his battle against Hanoi, Yusaku tries to investigate the cause of this together with Kusanagi. However, Blue Angel, who is supposed to be in a coma, then appears on the city's monitors, and challenges Playmaker to a rematch!

Enemy I Was Seeking

S1 E9 Enemy I Was Seeking

In order to obtain the program that removes the virus that infected Aoi, Yusaku commences a Duel against Revolver, with the AI, who is also known as Ai, as a wager. Using the Link Monsters he obtained in his previous Duels, Playmaker was able to destroy Revolver’s "Cracking Dragon". However, the back-and-forth Duel between them takes a new turn as Revolver activates a shocking Skill!

Impact! Cyberse Vanishes

S1 E10 Impact! Cyberse Vanishes

Due to Revolver's brutal assault, Playmaker is now on the defensive. Playmaker then uses Storm Access to obtain a card in order to turn things around. However, due to Revolver's tactics, the stage of their battle has moved to the inside of the Data Storm...

Roar of the Magazine Varreload

S1 E11 Roar of the Magazine Varreload

Playmaker is shocked by the truth that Revolver revealed, and he collapses after taking a powerful attack from Revolver’s ace monster, "Borreload Dragon". As his consciousness fades, a mysterious voice echoes in his mind and awakens him... Playmaker then gets back up, his eyes burning with unwavering resolve...

Impregnable Defending Dragon Firewall

S1 E12 Impregnable Defending Dragon Firewall

Accompanied by "Firewall Dragon", Playmaker musters every last ounce of his strength to fight against Revolver’s "Borreload Dragon". Playmaker vows to get revenge for the incident that happened in the past, while Revolver plots to eradicate Ai. As the two’s beliefs clash, their two dragons also face off against one another!

Fierce Battle's Record

S1 E13 Fierce Battle's Record

After his fierce battle against Revolver, Yusaku analyzes the information about Ignis together with Kusanagi. Meanwhile, Ghost Girl, the mysterious Duelist who witnessed Playmaker, receives an interview in LINK VRAINS. She starts talking about the Knights of Hanoi’s attacks, as well as Playmaker’s battles.

Ghost Girl's Invitation

S1 E14 Ghost Girl's Invitation

Interested in the incident that happened ten years ago, Ghost Girl challenged Playmaker to a Duel, with Ai as a wager. Learning that he will be able to obtain the program that allows him to infiltrate SOL Technologies Data Bank if he wins, Yusaku heads to LINK VRAINS. Fully aware of the risks, Yusaku still accepted Ghost Girl’s challenge in order to discover the truth about the incident that happened ten years ago. However, he faces a tough battle against Ghost Girl’s elusive "Altergeist" Deck!

Altergeist that Hides in the Darkness

S1 E15 Altergeist that Hides in the Darkness

Ghost Girl carries out an unpredictable Duel with her phantasmagorical tactics. Meanwhile, Playmaker calmly analyzes Ghost Girl's moves and looks for a chance to use Storm Access. Thus, a battle of wits unfolds between the two as they try to outsmart one other. Who will ultimately triumph?!

Infiltrate SOL's Cyber Fortress

S1 E16 Infiltrate SOL's Cyber Fortress

In order to search for the truth about the incident ten years ago, Playmaker hacked into SOL's mother computer, and heads for the data bank that lies deep within its system. However, standing in his way is a Dueling AI program! Can Playmaker get past this new threat and seize the truth?!

Flawless AI Duelist

S1 E17 Flawless AI Duelist

Blue Angel rushes to Playmaker, who is having troubles against the AI programs. Thanks to her, Playmaker is able to get out of a pinch and reach the inner depths of the mother computer. However, when Playmaker reaches the data bank, a certain character stands in his way...

Wound Etched Into His Heart

S1 E18 Wound Etched Into His Heart

When Playmaker reaches SOL's data bank, he runs into Akira. Akira tries to stop the vengeful Playmaker, but Playmaker wouldn't listen to him. In order to settle his score, Playmaker decides to Duel Akira. Thus, a battle begins in the data bank, where the truth behind the incident is concealed...

The Incident Buried in the Darkness

S1 E19 The Incident Buried in the Darkness

Akira skillfully uses his "Tindangle" Deck to fight against Playmaker. Playmaker also fights back with his Cyberses. As their fierce battle rages on, Akira starts talking about the incident ten years ago. At last, Yusaku's past is finally unveiled...

Unyielding Justice

S1 E20 Unyielding Justice

Akira manages to drive Playmaker into a corner. However, Playmaker fights back with everything he got, performing multiple Link Summons in a row in order to turn the battle around. Akira and Playmaker then proceed to duke it out with their ace monsters.

Embers of a New Battle

S1 E21 Embers of a New Battle

Yusaku and Kusanagi analyze SOL Technologies' data, and discover some new information about the incident ten years ago. Meanwhile, at Yusaku's house, Ai and Roboppy are secretly plotting something...

Blackened Sun

S1 E22 Blackened Sun

Yusaku and co. investigate a mysterious phenomenon known as "Another", where the victims can't log out of LINK VRAINS and stay unconscious in the real world. They successfully identify who the next victim might be through the data they collected. In order to prevent more damage, Yusaku and co. decide to take action.

Genome's Giant

S1 E23 Genome's Giant

In order to rescue a boy who fell victim to the "Another" phenomenon, Go Onizuka confronted the criminal who called himself Dr. Genome. Determined to win no matter what, Go casts away his entertainment style and Duels like a heel.

Dark Mask's Burden of Fate

S1 E24 Dark Mask's Burden of Fate

Dr. Genome uses his "Helixx" Deck to turn the "Gouki" monsters' powerful attacks against themselves, putting Go Onizuka into a pinch. At the same time, the other members of the Knights of Hanoi also show up in LINK VRAINS and indiscriminately attack the citizens...

Virus Deck Operation

S1 E25 Virus Deck Operation

Aoi is aware of the battle between the Knights of Hanoi and Playmaker's group, but she doesn't know whether she should fight as Blue Angel or keep her promise to Akira and not go into LINK VRAINS. However, Emma then appears before her. What is Aoi's answer after her meeting with Emma?

Three Draws Leading to Hope

S1 E26 Three Draws Leading to Hope

All of Blue Angel's "Trickstar" tactics were locked away, and she received a huge amount of damage due to Baira's "Dark Mummies". With no other choice, Blue Angel bets everything on her one last chance...

Naoki Shima the Fighter

S1 E27 Naoki Shima the Fighter

As the Another phenomenon begins to affect the real world, everyone begins to panic, and LINK VRAINS is put on high alert. Due to something, Naoki Shima decides to fight against the Knights of Hanoi...

Final Commander of the Three Knights

S1 E28 Final Commander of the Three Knights

Faust, the mastermind behind Another, takes Naoki hostage and uses him to draw out Playmaker. Using electric worm monsters known as "Motor Worms", he seals away Playmaker's Link Summon. Playmaker then flies into the Data Storm and uses Storm Access, hoping to turn things around...

Kusanagi Report

S1 E29 Kusanagi Report

The Knights of Hanoi's activities have begun to reach the real world itself. Sensing the impending danger, Kusanagi decides to leave behind a record about the truth behind the connection between the Knights of Hanoi and the Lost Incident, as well as the Another Incident...

Doorway to the Abyss

S1 E30 Doorway to the Abyss

Yusaku questions why Revolver didn't show up at all during the Another Incident. In order to clear things up, he enters LINK VRAINS to investigate. There, he runs into Ghost Girl, who is also investigating something. The two then discover a place where something abnormal is happening...

The Final Trigger

S1 E31 The Final Trigger

Ghost Girl ran into Revolver while she was investigating LINK VRAINS' underground. The two of them then start a Duel. Ghost Girl manages to take out "Topologic Bomber Dragon" and Link Summons her trump card. She then delivers the finishing blow against Revolver, but...

Tower of Hanoi

S1 E32 Tower of Hanoi

An ominous tower has appeared in LINK VRAINS. An incident then occurs, where many Duelists get converted to data. Learning this, Playmaker heads to LINK VRAINS, bringing the info Ghost Girl entrusted to him with him. He meets up with Go Onizuka and Blue Angel, and exchanges information with them. The three then split up to search for Revolver. However, Blue Angel then runs into Spectre...

Angel with Blue Tears

S1 E33 Angel with Blue Tears

Blue Angel launches a series of attacks against Spectre with her "Trickstars", but her attacks didn't work, since Spectre is protected by his "Sunavalon". Blue Angel then uses her deadly combo. However, a sinister smile dashes across Spectre's face...

Sacred Tree

S1 E34 Sacred Tree

Spectre's Sunavalon evolves and drives Blue Angel into a corner. As her tactics are gradually sealed off, Blue Angel comes up with a plan to counter Spectre's impenetrable battle formation. Now on the defensive, Blue Angel Link Summons a new Trickstar...!

The Other Lost Incident

S1 E35 The Other Lost Incident

In order to save LINK VRAINS from destruction, Playmaker heads to the Tower of Hanoi. However, standing in his way is Spectre! Playmaker tries to deal big damage to Spectre, but Spectre's Sunavalon combo prevents him from doing that. In this Duel, Playmaker learns about Spectre's shocking past...

Pointless Justice

S1 E36 Pointless Justice

Spectre's devious Sunavalon combo keeps replenishing his LP and Summoning Sunvines, but Playmaker never lets up his attacks. Playmaker manages to figure out its weak point, and comes up with a plan to counter it, but...

My Mother Tree

S1 E37 My Mother Tree

Playmaker uses his ace monster, Excode Talker, to counter Spectre’s Sunvines. In order to finish Playmaker off, Spectre evolves his Sunavalon into its ultimate form. Having driven Playmaker into a corner, Spectre delivers the finishing blow against him...

Hanoi’s Recollection

S1 E38 Hanoi’s Recollection

As the Tower of Hanoi gradually approaches its completion, Revolver reflects on the battles that had been waged in LINK VRAINS. And now, carrying on the wishes of Dr. Kogami with firm resolve, Revolver makes his move...

Bullet Buried in Darkness

S1 E39 Bullet Buried in Darkness

Go Onizuka confronts Revolver and challenges him to a Duel. Meanwhile, the Tower of Hanoi is getting closer to completion, gradually absorbing everything in LINK VRAINS...

The Thirst for Victory

S1 E40 The Thirst for Victory

Due to Revolver's tactics, many of Go Onizuka's monsters have been destroyed. However, GO’s fighting spirit still does not waver. In order to turn things around, GO summons his powerful ace monster, "Gouki The Giant Ogre"!

The Distorted Truth

S1 E41 The Distorted Truth

Playmaker faces off against his fated enemy, Revolver. With the fate of the world and the truth behind the Lost Incident at stake, the two begin their final showdown…

Stardust Road's Guidance

S1 E42 Stardust Road's Guidance

Playmaker manages to withstand the brutal attack of Revolver’s Link Monster. Sensing the presence of monsters in the Tower of Hanoi, he flies right into it. Playmaker then bets it all on a draw, but…

The Birth of Ignis

S1 E43 The Birth of Ignis

Playmaker has realized who Revolver might be during the Duel. However, due to a shockwave generated in the Data Storm, Yusaku is forced to log out. He now heads to a certain location in the real world, where Revolver is supposed to be…

Prisoners of Destiny

S1 E44 Prisoners of Destiny

Having learned the truth hidden by the Ignis and the truth behind the Lost Incident, Playmaker tries to persuade Revolver to stop the Tower of Hanoi. Unfortunately, his words fail to convince Revolver. Having been driven into a corner, Playmaker entrusts all his hopes to his new ace monster!

An Extreme Duel

S1 E45 An Extreme Duel

The Circuit that Draws the Future

S1 E46 The Circuit that Draws the Future