Saison 3

26 épisodes

(150 min)

Lightning Rod

S3 E1 Lightning Rod

Fi decides to go live with her aunt for the school year in order to forget the supernatural and resume a normal life, at the same time that Annie Phelan, a family friend joins the tour. Fi learns that Annie has a supernatural aura around her too, especially when Fi's now blank ring suddenly sprouts it's designs once again when placed on Annie's finger.

Talking Board

S3 E2 Talking Board

Annie and her friends play with a Ouija board that seems to be able to predict the future for real.


S3 E3 Detention

While visiting Molly's old high school, Jack and Annie get trapped in a time warp that strands them in detention, thanks to a strange watch.

Eddie's Desk

S3 E4 Eddie's Desk

Annie and the gang are still in Hope Springs. While down in the school basement, Annie sees a wavery figure sitting in a desk and it runs up to the surface. Annie doesn't know where it went and is question Jack about it. Clu comes home for a visit from college. The second time Annie goes looking for the ghost, aka Eddie B. Johnson, aka, a Doppelganger of the janitor, and meets the janitor and questions him. Up above, two girls are talking about a boy who is picked on a lot named Adam. The wavery figure defends the boy by making a very sticky and stretchy substance pour out of the locker and onto the girls back (my favorite part). Clu goes to the front office to find out the full name of this 'Eddie' that Annie had been talking about. Adam is again picked on in the lunchroom by an older boy, but Eddie dims the lights and throws food at him, causing him to go away. Annie goes to the Janitor, now knowing who he is, and says that she talked to the school principal in getting his d


S3 E5 Voodoo

Annie and the gang meet an old family friend of Annie's; strange things happen around Annie and the gang resembling bad voodoo.


S3 E6 Banglebye

Annie realizes that the latest video craze Banglebye is really programming kids to be the perfect young men and women, including Clu, Jack and Carey.


S3 E7 Rewind

While recording a song at an unusual studio, Annie receives a mysterious recording that contains a personal warning.

Exit 13

S3 E8 Exit 13

At a rest stop, en route to Niagara Falls, Annie buys a mysterious stone from a man name Ziegler and learns the hard way that the stone causes bad luck for its owner...and a time loop.


S3 E9 Carnival

Annie is aghast when she realizes that Molly and the gang have been turned into a sideshow attraction while visiting a carnival and she's the only one who can reverse it.

Earth 101

S3 E10 Earth 101

When Annie encounters two aliens studying humans, namely Molly and Ned, they all are delayed from Thanksgiving dinner with Fi.

Beeing There

S3 E11 Beeing There

En route to the next tour date, the gang stops in Hiveburg, a very unusual town whose residents seem to behave like bees.


S3 E12 Changeling

Jack, Clu and Annie are stuck with babysitting duty, which wouldn't be so bad if one of the children hadn't turned into a ravenous, ugly creature called a changeling.


S3 E13 Snapshot

Annie encounters an ambitious photographer who has stolen the townspeople's souls and trapped them in her photographs and it's up to Annie and the photographer's sister to release their souls, which includes Molly, Jack, Carey, Ned and Irene.

Still Life

S3 E14 Still Life

Molly buys an unusual painting that traps Annie and her friends in, where they encounter the artist himself who's seeking solitude and doesn't want any company.

Grave Mistake

S3 E15 Grave Mistake

The Phillips' old family friend, Margaret comes to visit and brings along a ghost who keeps telling her she's dead. Turns out it's her husband who's trying to tell her that she died and that it's time to join her in the afterlife.

Pen Pal

S3 E16 Pen Pal

Parallel universes collide when Molly and Annie receive a postcard from a different Annie, a punk chick who was created from one of Annie's alternate choices. Annie must think fast on how to handle the situation when her double shows up at her house and learns that only one of them can exist.

The Muse

S3 E17 The Muse

Molly looks to find her lost ""muse,"" or inspiration, at an Oregon inn where she and her late husband Rick first met and played music together. Jack also is concerned because he doesn't have an interest like music that inspires him. At the restaurant Annie meets a brash young man named Quinn who says he's Molly's muse, sent to help her. He proves his powers on the waitress and a dog. Annie takes him to Molly, but his powers don't work on her. Molly gets depressed and wants to leave without doing a show. Carey finds the dog Quinn made dance earlier thinking it may be the Muse, but now the dog just sits. Quinn admits that this is his first job as Muse. Jack talks to a strange handyman who has been working in their room, and he tells Jack he has to listen for his muse. Molly decides to do the show. On the way out of the inn she mentions the handyman to the owner, who tells her they employ no such person. At the concert something special is revealed to both Molly and Jack.

The Great Incanto

S3 E18 The Great Incanto

After picking up a young magician hitchhiking, Annie learns he stole his former master's bag of magic and now the Great Incanto wants it back and will stop at nothing to get it.


S3 E19 Meow

When visiting an Egyptian museum, Annie encounters a cat who once belonged to an Egyptian Princess, who now wants her beloved pet back.

Widows Walk

S3 E20 Widows Walk

Annie, Molly, Jack and Carey are spending a two-day vacation at an old seaside inn. Annie sees an old woman dressed in a cloak standing on a balcony with a lantern calling out the name ""William."" The innkeeper tells her it's old Mrs. Hasby, whose husband was lost at sea fifty years ago that night. Jack and Carey find a old bottle on the beach with a message inside for Virginia. Annie takes it to her. The message is from William, and it says he's coming home to her. Virginia is excited and sends Annie away so that she can prepare herself for her husband's arrival. In her room, Annie wishes that she was older so she could have some of the privileges the boys have. At the same time, Virginia is wishing she was young again. Annie awakens to find herself with gray hair, wrinkled skin and in bad health. She goes to see Virginia, who has been transformed into the young woman she was when her husband went to sea. But now Virginia doesn't want to go back to the way she was and refuses to help A


S3 E21 Babble

While Clu is assisting some teachers at Annie and Jack's school, they discover the new boy has an ancient cursed stone, from Babel, that causes people to speak nonsense, aka babble.

Gone Fishin'

S3 E22 Gone Fishin'

With Molly on vacation, Irene takes Annie and Jack on a fishing trip where they encounter what seems to be a monster in the lake.

Mr. Magnetism

S3 E23 Mr. Magnetism

During the school science fair, Annie meets a young man dubbed Mr. Magnetism who like a magnet seems to change polarity, one minute being attractive and the next repelling.

Dead Ringer

S3 E24 Dead Ringer

Alone in the house, Jack believes he's being haunted by his dead neighbor over something he did when he was six years old.

Annie's Song

S3 E25 Annie's Song

While at a Native American tourist site, Annie journeys through her past in order to recall what happened to her as a child and how the black panther became her spirit guide, with the help from a shaman possessed by a coyote's spirit.

The River

S3 E26 The River

After Ziegler from Exit 13 sends Annie a package that causes Molly and the boys to forget everything about Annie, she desperately tries to refresh their memories.