Saison 2

12 épisodes

(6 h)

Home, Sweet Old Folks Home

S2 E1 Home, Sweet Old Folks Home

The girls visit a retirement home to see Kelly's favorite aunt on her 100th birthday.

No Support Hose

S2 E2 No Support Hose

Tara goes bridezilla as she plans her engagement party without regard for her fiancé, or Jenna and Kelly, who are finding it difficult to share the condo as a workplace.

We Build Monsters

S2 E3 We Build Monsters

Jenna helps a homeless man by bringing him back to the condo for a hot meal and clean clothes, but a storm complicates matters.

Sex, Kings and Wigs

S2 E4 Sex, Kings and Wigs

Jenna hits it off with a sex addict; Kelly helps Tara prepare for an audition to play Coretta Scott King; and Kelly starts wearing wigs to bypass the woes of having to deal with her hair.


S2 E5 Mama-Pause

Donovan enters the girls' condo to tell them about a crazy lady acting up in the lobby of their condo. After he shows them some footage from his cell phone that he took of the lady going off on the doorman, they realize that the crazy lady is Jenna's mother, Monica.

Jenna's Double D's

S2 E6 Jenna's Double D's

Jenna is torn between Donovan and her new boyfriend; Kelly hangs out with Beverly for a night; Tara meets Enrique's daughter.

Call a Spade a Spade

S2 E7 Call a Spade a Spade

Donovan asks Jenna to be his partner in the annual spades tournament and Kelly goes on a blind date.

Relationship DNR

S2 E8 Relationship DNR

Tara and Enrique meet with his estate planner to further their marriage plan. Elsewhere, Jenna begins purging things out of her life and Kelly ponders joining her.

Spatial Quotient

S2 E9 Spatial Quotient

David tells Jenna he needs space, causing her to panic and try to keep the relationship going. Elsewhere, Tara tries to be the face of a new brand that Kelly is representing.

The Takeover

S2 E10 The Takeover

Kelly and Raj get closer and he asks her to meet his parents. Elsewhere, Jenna tries to bond with Tara, but a childhood friend of Tara's interferes.

Where's My Shoe?

S2 E11 Where's My Shoe?

The girls go to jail and Jenna loses one of the designer shoes her boss leant her.

The Funeral Kiss

S2 E12 The Funeral Kiss

Kelly grapples with feelings of loss while trying to adhere to Aunt Velma's funeral wishes; Jenna tries to use the funeral to take her relationship with Donovan to the next level; Tara prepares for a zombie apocalypse detective role.