Saison 3

24 épisodes

(00 min)

Steve Carell

S3 E1 Steve Carell

A new season launches in grand fashion as movie & TV star Steve Carell visits. He starred in the mega-popular series "The Office," played the title role in the hit comedy "The 40-Year-Old Virgin," and co-starred in the award-winning "Little Miss Sunshine."

David Faustino, Stacy Keach & Nick Thune

S3 E2 David Faustino, Stacy Keach & Nick Thune

Seriously. Funny. Talk. It's a triple-header on TOM GREEN LIVE when Tom invites Stacy Keach, David Faustino and Nick Thune to drop by the studio.

Carl Reiner

S3 E3 Carl Reiner

Seriously. Funny. Talk. A show-business giant graces a new TOM GREEN LIVE as actor/writer/director Carl Reiner joins Tom to reflect on a legendary career.

Dana Carvey & Buzz Aldrin

S3 E4 Dana Carvey & Buzz Aldrin

TOM GREEN LIVE launches into uncharted territory with a double-bill of comedian/actor Dana Carvey and Tom's most celestial guest ever -- legendary astronaut, engineer, author and space-flight activist Buzz Aldrin.

Bob Saget & Latoya Jackson

S3 E5 Bob Saget & Latoya Jackson

The ever-clever conversation on TOM GREEN LIVE should get a little earthy when actor, comedian, director and author Bob Saget and singer La Toya Jackson come together with Tom.

Adam Carolla

S3 E6 Adam Carolla

Jokes and controversy are inevitable when outspoken broadcast personality and comedian Adam Carolla makes it to TOM GREEN LIVE.

Weird Al Yankovic

S3 E7 Weird Al Yankovic

A master of the satirical song parody, expert accordion-player and accomplished video director, "Weird Al" has garnered a legion of fans since his first novelty hits on radio, "My Bologna", "Another One Rides the Bus," and his MTV breakthrough, "Eat It."

Alan Thicke

S3 E8 Alan Thicke

Tom interviews fellow Canadian entertainer Alan Thicke. Actor, talk-show host, songwriter and author, Thicke may be best-known as the dad on television series "Growing Pains," but he's also the real-life father of pop singer Robin Thicke, and is starring in the new sitcom/reality TV hybrid "Unusually Thicke."

Harland Williams & Marlon Wayans

S3 E9 Harland Williams & Marlon Wayans

Tom trades laughs with Marlon Wayans and Harland Williams. Actor/comedian/writer Wayans -- from the renowned show-business family of the same name. The sardonic Williams -- an accomplished stand-up with a string of appearances on late-night TV.

Steve-O & Charlyne Yi

S3 E10 Steve-O & Charlyne Yi

Fearless daredevil and comedian Steve-O and offbeat actress, comic, musician and writer Charlyne Yi swing by to see Tom.

Paul Rodriguez

S3 E11 Paul Rodriguez

It's comedy without borders as comedian and actor Paul Rodriguez shares his wit and wisdom. The Mexican-born Rodriguez was one of the first Hispanic stand-up comics to break through on the U.S. club circuit and American network television.

Larry King

S3 E12 Larry King

Seriously. Funny. Talk. A genuine superstar of broadcasting illuminates the set of TOM GREEN LIVE when venerated TV and radio host Larry King engages Tom in an unrestrained hour of conversation.

Chris D'Elia, Bryan Callen & Will Sasso

S3 E13 Chris D'Elia, Bryan Callen & Will Sasso

Seriously. Funny. Talk. It's a triple-header when comedic firebrands/podcast-masters/new-media giants Chris D'Elia, Will Sasso and Bryan Callen team up for an assault on TOM GREEN LIVE.

Trailer Park Boys

S3 E14 Trailer Park Boys

Seriously. Funny. Talk. The stars and creators of the comedy sensation "Trailer Park Boys" pull into the set of TOM GREEN LIVE for an hour of hi-jinks with Tom.

Ed Asner & Bobby Lee

S3 E15 Ed Asner & Bobby Lee

Seriously. Funny. Talk. Smart meets silly on a new TOM GREEN LIVE when Emmy-winning actor Ed Asner and outrageous comedian Bobby Lee engage Tom in conversation and craziness.

Chris Kattan & Super Dave Osborne

S3 E16 Chris Kattan & Super Dave Osborne

Seriously. Funny. Talk. A veteran of the Groundlings improv troupe, Kattan was a cast member on "Saturday Night Live," where he portrayed the petulant object of desire Mango, the irrepressible monkey Mr. Peepers, and one-half of the Butabi Brothers.

Kevin Nealon

S3 E17 Kevin Nealon

Seriously. Funny. Talk. A champion at subversive patter unleashes his whimsical word play on TOM GREEN LIVE as actor and comedian Kevin Nealon zips by to banter with Tom.

Bill Burr & Garrett Morris

S3 E18 Bill Burr & Garrett Morris

Comedian's comedian Bill Burr and charter "Saturday Night Live" cast member Garrett Morris go for the laughs with Tom. Call it Tomfoolery times three on AXS TV'S TOM GREEN LIVE!

Dane Cook

S3 E19 Dane Cook

Dane Cook, one of the first comedians to make use of the web and social networks to build his fan base routinely sells out his live concerts, including multiple shows at Madison Square Garden and his comedy albums have gone platinum.

Aisha Tyler & John Mulaney

S3 E20 Aisha Tyler & John Mulaney

Seriously. Funny. Talk. The banter should be ridiculously sublime when sleek comedienne/actress/talk-show queen Aisha Tyler and comedian/actor/writer John Mulaney brighten a new installment of TOM GREEN LIVE.

Jay Mohr & Bobak Ferdowsi

S3 E21 Jay Mohr & Bobak Ferdowsi

Seriously. Funny. Talk. An irresistible force in modern comedy and a rocket scientist touch down at TOM GREEN LIVE as stand-up comic/actor/radio host Jay Mohr and NASA's Bobak Ferdowsi land across from Tom.

Dick Cavett & Sammy Hagar

S3 E22 Dick Cavett & Sammy Hagar

Seriously. Funny. Talk. The gab will be fast and furious on TOM GREEN LIVE when Dick Cavett, one of the most distinguished interviewers in broadcasting, and Sammy Hagar, one of the wildest musicians in rock and roll, intersect with Tom.

Verne Troyer & Jimmy Pardo

S3 E23 Verne Troyer & Jimmy Pardo

Seriously. Funny. Talk. Verne Troyer, the biggest little person in Hollywood, and stand-up comic/actor Jimmy Pardo make for a dynamic duo on the latest TOM GREEN LIVE.

Andrew Dice Clay

S3 E24 Andrew Dice Clay

The Dice Man cometh! It's a reunion of the true bad boys of comedy as actor and legendary stand-up comedian Andrew Dice Clay reconnects with his running mate Tom for a no-holds-barred discussion of life, show-biz and whatever else pops up.