Saison 1

8 épisodes

(4 h)

The Hanging Chadwick Part 1

S1 E1 The Hanging Chadwick Part 1

High school is one big buzzsaw that grinds people up into little pieces–guidance counselors included.

The Hanging Chadwick Part 2

S1 E2 The Hanging Chadwick Part 2

With the election a day away, Farrah sets her sights on reinventing squeaky clean Grace Ho. Isn’t power a rush?

Gender Fluidity

S1 E3 Gender Fluidity

To win a bet with his pals, a popular jock changes in the girls’ locker room. He uses the excuse that he “identifies as a woman today,” but Farrah thinks there’s something more behind his desire to win the bet.

Wednesday Night Lights

S1 E4 Wednesday Night Lights

Farrah and her crew come out with bras and bats swinging when budget cuts shut down two girls’ sports and no boys’ sports.


S1 E5 Narc-ish

The suspicious arrest of one of Farrah’s crew forces her into an investigation of her own – but when she dives too deep, she uncovers a more alarming story lying beneath.

Tiger Strong

S1 E6 Tiger Strong

When the star football player shows his bad boy side, Farrah thinks there’s more to it than just a cocky ego.

Crotch Riot

S1 E7 Crotch Riot

A personal attack on the principal goes viral, canceling homecoming – but Farrah’s still got a trump card to play.

The Fall From Grace

S1 E8 The Fall From Grace

Farrah’s left juggling every ball she’s kept in the air all year, but with so many fractures to her core group, will her power come crashing down?