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  • Mystère (2016)

    Album de La Femme

    Sortie : . Surf et rock. 16 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Sphynx, Le vide est ton nouveau prénom, Où va le monde, Septembre, Tatiana, Conversations nocturnes, Ssd, Exorciseur, Elle ne t'aime pas, Mycose, Tueur de fleurs, Al Warda, Psyzook, Le Chemin, Vagues, Couteau...

  • Dans la légende (2016)

    Album de PNL

    Sortie : . 16 morceaux.

    Tracklist : DA, Naha, Dans la légende, Mira, J'suis QLF, La vie est belle, Kratos, Luz de Luna, Tu sais pas, Sheita, Humain, Bambina, Bené, Uranus, Onizuka, Jusqu'au dernier gramme...

  • Skeleton Tree (2016)

    Album de Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

    Sortie : . 8 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Jesus Alone, Rings of Saturn, Girl in Amber, Magneto, Anthrocene, I Need You, Distant Sky, Skeleton Tree...

  • AIM (2016)

    Album de M.I.A.

    Sortie : . 17 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Borders, Go Off, Bird Song (Blaqstarr remix), Jump In, Freedun, Foreign Friend, Finally, A.M.P. (All My People), Ali R U OK?, Visa, Fly Pirate, Survivor, Bird Song (Diplo remix), The New International Sound, Pt. 2, Swords, Talk, Platforms...

  • Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (2016)

    Album de Travis Scott

    Sortie : . 14 morceaux.

    Tracklist : the ends, way back, coordinate, through the late night, beibs in the trap, sdp interlude, sweet sweet, outside, goosebumps, first take, pick up the phone, lose, guidance, wonderful...

  • Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid (2016)

    Album de Die Antwoord

    Sortie : . 16 morceaux.

    Tracklist : We Have Candy, Daddy, Banana Brain, Shit Just Got Real, Gucci Coochie, Wings on My Penis, U Like Boobies?, Rats Rule, Jonah Hill, Stoopid Rich, Fat Faded Fuck Face, Peanutbutter + Jelly, Alien, Street Lights, Darkling, I Don't Care...

  • My Woman (2016)

    Album de Angel Olsen

    Sortie : . 14 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Intern, Never Be Mine, Shut Up Kiss Me, Give It Up, Not Gonna Kill You, Heart Shaped Face, Sister, Those Were the Days, Woman, Pops, Give It Up (demo), Heart Shaped Face (demo), Never Be Mine (demo), Sister (demo)...

  • The Sun’s Tirade (2016)

    Album de Isaiah Rashad

    Sortie : . 17 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Where U At?, 4r Da Squaw, Free Lunch, Rope // Rosegold, Wat's Wrong, Park, Bday, Silkk Da Shocka, Tity and Dolla, Stuck in the Mud, A Lot, AA, Dressed Like Rappers, Don't Matter, Brenda, By George (Outro), Find a Topic...

  • The Divine Feminine (2016)

    Album de Mac Miller

    Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Congratulations, Dang!, Stay, Skin, Cinderella, Planet God Damn, Soulmate, We, My Favorite Part, God Is Fair, Sexy, Nasty...

  • Foreverland (2016)

    Album de The Divine Comedy

    Sortie : . 31 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Napoleon Complex, Foreverland, Catherine the Great, Funny Peculiar, The Pact, To the Rescue, How Can You Leave Me on My Own, I Joined the Foreign Legion (to Forget), My Happy Place, A Desperate Man, Other People, The One Who Loves You, 6th of December, 11th of December, 13th of December, 23rd of December, 3rd of January, 13th of January, 15th of January, 30th of January, 7th of February, 22nd of February, 8th of March, 27th of March, 4th of April, 4th of April (Midnight), 3rd of May, 10th of May, 21st of May, 28th of May, 31st of May...

  • Popestar (EP) (2016)

    EP de Ghost

    Sortie : . 5 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Square Hammer, Nocturnal Me, I Believe, Missionary Man, Bible...

  • Kindly Now (2016)

    Album de Keaton Henson

    Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

    Tracklist : March, Alright, The Pugilist, NW Overture, No Witnesses, Good Lust, Comfortable Love, Old Lovers in Dressing Rooms, Polyhymnia, Gabe, Holy Lover, How Could I Have Known...

  • Preoccupations (2016)

    Album de Preoccupations

    Sortie : . 9 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Anxiety, Monotony, Zodiac, Memory, Degraded, Sense, Forbidden, Stimulation, Fever...

  • Schmilco (2016)

    Album de Wilco

    Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Normal American Kids, If I Ever Was a Child, Cry All Day, Common Sense, Nope, Someone to Lose, Happiness, Quarters, Locator, Shrug and Destroy, We Aren’t the World (Safety Girl), Just Say Goodbye...

  • Écouter

    Node (2016)

    Album de Northlane

    Sortie : . 27 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Soma, Obelisk, Node, Ohm, Nameless, Rot, Leech, Impulse, Weightless, Ra, Animate, Soma (instrumental), Obelisk (instrumental), Node (instrumental), Ohm (instrumental), Nameless (instrumental), Rot (instrumental), Leech (instrumental), Impulse (instrumental), Weightless (instrumental), Ra (instrumental), Animate (instrumental), Obelisk Ghost City Session, Weightless Ghost City Session, Aspire, Let It Happen, Rot (single version)...

  • Transcendence (2016)

    Album de Devin Townsend Project

    Sortie : . 24 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Truth, Stormbending, Failure, Secret Sciences, Higher, Stars, Transcendence, Offer Your Light, From the Heart, Transdermal Celebration, Gump, Loud, Truth, Stormbending, Failure, Secret Sciences, Higher, Stars, Transcendence, Offer Your Light, From the Heart, Transdermal Celebration, Gump, Loud...

  • Carrément carrément (2016)

    Album de The Pirouettes

    Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Coup d’éclat, Carrément carrément, L’Escalier, Soleil rare, Amoureux, Jouer le jeu, Signaux, 2016 (En ce temps-là), Je nous vois, Au bord de l’eau, Dans le vent d'été, Grand bassin...

  • Perfect Illusion (Single) (2016)

    Single de Lady Gaga

    Sortie : . 1 morceau.

    Tracklist : Perfect Illusion...

  • Dance or Die (2016)

    Album de Birdy Nam Nam

    Sortie : . 14 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Won't Do It, Hammerhead, No J No P, Lazers from My Heart, Stoners Anthem, Urao, Can't Do Me, Eastern Promesses, Don't Look Back in Anger, All Night Long, Dance or Die, Shemales Body, Looking @ Me, Sad Boys Club...

  • Wild World (2016)

    Album de Bastille

    Sortie : . 14 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Good Grief, The Currents, An Act of Kindness, Warmth, Glory, Power, Two Evils, Send Them Off!, Lethargy, Four Walls (The Ballad of Perry Smith), Blame, Fake It, Snakes, Winter of Our Youth...

  • Ultra (2016)

    Album de Zomby

    Sortie : . 14 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Reflection, Burst, Fly 2, E.S.P., I, Glass, Sweetz, Her, Quandary, Freeze, Yeti, S.D.Y.F., Thaw, Tenkyuu...

  • Calico Review (2016)

    Album de Allah-Las

    Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Strange Heat, Satisfied, Could Be You, High & Dry, Mausoleum, Roadside Memorial, Autumn Dawn, Famous Phone Figure, 200 South La Brea, Warmed Kippers, Terra Ignota, Place in the Sun...

  • Sunlit Youth (2016)

    Album de Local Natives

    Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Villainy, Past Lives, Dark Days, Fountain of Youth, Masters, Jellyfish, Coins, Mother Emanuel, Ellie Alice, Psycho Lovers, Everything All at Once, Sea of Years...

  • I Remember (2016)

    Album de AlunaGeorge

    Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Full Swing, My Blood, Not Above Love, Hold Your Head High, Mean What I Mean, Jealous, I'm in Control, I Remember, In My Head, Mediator, Heartbreak Horizon, Wanderlust...

  • Fires Within Fires (2016)

    Album de Neurosis

    Sortie : . 5 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Bending Light, A Shadow Memory, Fire Is the End Lesson, Broken Ground, Reach...

  • Acoustic Recordings 1998–2016 (2016)

    Album de Jack White

    Sortie : . 26 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Sugar Never Tasted So Good, Apple Blossom (remixed), I’m Bound to Pack It Up (remixed), Hotel Yorba, We’re Going to Be Friends, You’ve Got Her in Your Pocket, It’s True That We Love One Another, Never Far Away, Forever for Her (Is Over for Me), White Moon, As Ugly as I Seem, City Lights, Honey, We Can’t Afford to Look This Cheap, Effect & Cause, Love Is the Truth (acoustic mix), Top Yourself (bluegrass version), Carolina Drama (acoustic mix), Love Interruption, On and On and On, Machine Gun Silhouette (acoustic mix), Blunderbuss, Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy (alternate mix), I Guess I Should Go to Sleep (alternate mix), Just One Drink (acoustic mix), Entitlement, Want and Able...

  • Heads Up (2016)

    Album de Warpaint

    Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

    Tracklist : White Out, By Your Side, New Song, The Stall, So Good, Don't Wanna, Don't Let Go, Dre, Heads Up, Above Control, Today Dear...

  • Comancheria (OST) (2016)

    Bande-originale de Nick Cave et Warren Ellis

    Sortie : . 15 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Comancheria, Dollar Bill Blues, Mama's Room, Dust of the Chase, Texas Midlands, Robbery, You Ask Me To, Mountain Lion Mean, Sleeping on the Backtop, From My Cold Dead Hands, Lord of the Plains, Blood, Sweat and Murder, Casino, Comancheria, Pt. 2, Outlaw State of Mind...

  • Winter's Gate (2016)

    Album de Insomnium

    Sortie : . 1 morceau.

    Tracklist : Winter's Gate...

  • Breakin' Outta Hell (2016)

    Album de Airbourne

    Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Breakin' Outta Hell, Rivalry, Get Back Up, It's Never Too Loud for Me, Thin the Blood, I'm Going to Hell for This, Down on You, Never Been Rocked Like This, When I Drink I Go Crazy, Do Me Like You Do Yourself, It's All for Rock 'n' Roll...

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