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  • Compton (2015)

    Album de Dr. Dre

    Sortie : . Gangsta rap, bass music, trap, thug rap et hip hop. 16 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Intro, Talk About It, Genocide, It’s All on Me, All in a Day’s Work, Darkside/Gone, Loose Cannons, Issues, Deep Water, One Shot One Kill, Just Another Day, For the Love of Money, Satisfiction, Animals, Medicine Man, Talking to My Diary...

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    Another One (2015)

    Album de Mac DeMarco

    Sortie : . 16 morceaux.

    Tracklist : The Way You'd Love Her, Another One, No Other Heart, Just to Put Me Down, A Heart Like Hers, I've Been Waiting for Her, Without Me, My House by the Water, The Way You'd Love Her (instrumental), Another One (instrumental), No Other Heart (instrumental), Just to Put Me Down (instrumental), A Heart Like Hers (instrumental), I've Been Waiting for Her (instrumental), Without Me (instrumental), My House by the Water (instrumental)...

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    Depression Cherry (2015)

    Album de Beach House

    Sortie : . 9 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Levitation, Sparks, Space Song, Beyond Love, 10:37, PPP, Wildflower, Bluebird, Days Of Candy...


    What Went Down (2015)

    Album de Foals

    Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

    Tracklist : What Went Down, Mountain at My Gates, Birch Tree, Give It All, Albatross, Snake Oil, Night Swimmers, London Thunder, Lonely Hunter, A Knife in the Ocean...

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    Abyss (2015)

    Album de Chelsea Wolfe

    Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Carrion Flowers, Iron Moon, Dragged Out, Maw, Grey Days, After the Fall, Crazy Love, Simple Death, Survive, Color of Blood, The Abyss...

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    M3LL155X (EP) (2015)

    EP de FKA twigs

    Sortie : . 5 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Figure 8, I’m Your Doll, In Time, Glass & Patron, Mothercreep...

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    7 (2015)

    Album de Paul Kalkbrenner

    Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Battery Park, Cylence 412, Cloud Rider, Shuffleface, Tone & Timber, Channel Isle, Feed Your Head, Papercut Pilot, Mothertrucker, A Million Days, Align the Engine, Bright Roller...

  • Mein Waifu (2015)

    Album de Chrono Drama

    Sortie : . 7 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Deported to Heaven (Whilst I Gently Hold Her Paw), Le Sanglot des Tardigrades, Tarte au Citron, Mahou no Juujin Foxy Rena - Kemono no Mahou, Seigneur de Glace, La consanguinité influe-t-elle sur la quantité et la qualité des cellules grises ?, Also Sprach Chrono Drama (including Jam of a Schizoid Fox)...

  • Meliora (2015)

    Album de Ghost

    Sortie : . Heavy metal, rock et hard rock. 10 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Spirit, From the Pinnacle to the Pit, Cirice, Spöksonat, He Is, Mummy Dust, Majesty, Devil Church, Absolution, Deus in Absentia...

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    High by the Beach (Single) (2015)

    Single de Lana Del Rey

    Sortie : . 1 morceau.

    Tracklist : High by the Beach...

  • Beauty Behind the Madness (2015)

    Album de The Weeknd

    Sortie : . 14 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Real Life, Losers, Tell Your Friends, Often, The Hills, Acquainted, Can't Feel My Face, Shameless, Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey), In the Night, As You Are, Dark Times, Prisoner, Angel...

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    Death Magic (2015)

    Album de HEALTH

    Sortie : . 12 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Victim, Stonefist, Men Today, Flesh World (UK), Courtship II, Dark Enough, Life, Salvia, New Coke, L.A. Looks, Hurt Yourself, Drugs Exist...

  • True Detective: Music From the HBO Series (OST) (2015)

    Bande-originale de Various Artists

    Sortie : . 14 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Nevermind, The Only Thing Worth Fighting For, All the Gold in California, Lately, What a Way to Go, My Least Favorite Life, Far From Any Road, Risk (demo), Sign of the Judgment, Rocks and Gravel, A Church in Ruins, Intentional Injury, It Only Takes One Shot, The Angry River...

  • Venom (2015)

    Album de Bullet for My Valentine

    Sortie : . 11 morceaux.

    Tracklist : V, No Way Out, Army of Noise, Worthless, You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War), Broken, Venom, The Harder the Heart (The Harder It Breaks), Skin, Hell or High Water, Pariah...

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    Regulate…G Funk Era Part II (EP) (2015)

    EP de Warren G

    Sortie : . 5 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Intro, My House, Saturday, Keep On Hustlin, Dead Wrong...

  • Bad Magic (2015)

    Album de Motörhead

    Sortie : . 13 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Victory or Die, Thunder & Lightning, Fire Storm Hotel, Shoot Out All of Your Lights, The Devil, Electricity, Evil Eye, Teach Them How to Bleed, Till the End, Tell Me Who to Kill, Choking on Your Screams, When the Sky Comes Looking for You, Sympathy for the Devil...

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    Genexus (2015)

    Album de Fear Factory

    Sortie : . Heavy metal, rock et industrielle. 10 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Autonomous Combat System, Anodized, Dielectric, Soul Hacker, ProtoMech, Genexus, Church of Execution, Regenerate, Battle for Utopia, Expiration Date...

  • The Meth Lab (2015)

    Album de Method Man

    Sortie : . 36 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Intro, The Meth Lab, Straight Gutta, Bang Zoom, 50 Shots, The Pledge, 2 Minutes of Your Time, Worldwide, Soundcheck, Water, Lifestyles, The Purple Tape, Intelligent Meth, Symphony, What You Getting Into, Another Winter, Rain All Day, So Staten, Outro, The Meth Lab (Instrumental), Straight Gutta (Instrumental), Bang Zoom (Instrumental), 50 Shots (Instrumental), The Pledge (Instrumental), 2 Minutes of Your Time (Instrumental), Worldwide (Instrumental), Soundcheck (Instrumental), Water (Instrumental), Lifestyles (Instrumental), The Purple Tape (Instrumental), Intelligent Meth (Instrumental), Symphony (Instrumental), What You Getting Into (Instrumental), Another Winter (Instrumental), Rain All Day (Instrumental), So Staten (Instrumental)...

  • Poison Season (2015)

    Album de Destroyer

    Sortie : . 13 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Times Square, Poison Season I, Dream Lover, Forces from Above, Hell Is an Open Door, The River, Girl in a Sling, Times Square, Archer on the Beach, Midnight Meet the Rain, Solace's Bride, Bangkok, Sun in the Sky, Times Square, Poison Season II...

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    Bang 3 (2015)

    Mixtape de Chief Keef

    Sortie : . 14 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Laurel Canyon, Cappin, Unstoppable, Singing To The Cheese, Superheros, Pick One, New School, I Just Wanna, Facts, Ain't Missing You, Millions, Yes, Go Harder, Greenlight...

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    Crosswords EP (EP) (2015)

    EP de Panda Bear

    Sortie : . 5 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Crosswords (EP mix), No Mans Land, Jabberwocky, The Preakness, Cosplay...

  • Wave[s] (EP) (2015)

    EP de Mick Jenkins

    Sortie : . 9 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Alchemy, Slumber, Get Up Get Down, Your Love, Piano, The Giver, 50 Below, P's & Q's, Perception...

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    Immortalized (2015)

    Album de Disturbed

    Sortie : . 16 morceaux.

    Tracklist : The Eye of the Storm, Immortalized, The Vengeful One, Open Your Eyes, The Light, What Are You Waiting For, You’re Mine, Who, Save Our Last Goodbye, Fire It Up, The Sound of Silence, Never Wrong, Who Taught You How to Hate, Tyrant, Legion of Monsters, The Brave and the Bold...

  • The Boats of the Glen Carrig (2015)

    Album de Ahab

    Sortie : . Rock et doom metal. 6 morceaux.

    Tracklist : The Isle, The Thing That Made Search, Like Red Foam (The Great Storm), The Weedmen, To Mourn Job, The Light in the Weed (Mary Madison)...

  • Phantom Limbs (EP) (2015)

    EP de Sadistik et Kno

    Sortie : . 7 morceaux.

    Tracklist : The Darkness, To Be in Love, Daydreams, Phantom Limbs, Hers Forever, Unaware, In Heaven...

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    The Anthropocene Extinction (2015)

    Album de Cattle Decapitation

    Sortie : . Rock, death metal et grindcore. 12 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Manufactured Extinct, The Prophets of Loss, Plagueborne, Clandestine Ways (Krokodil Rot), Circo Inhumanitas, The Burden of Seven Billion, Mammals in Babylon, Mutual Assured Destruction, Not Suitable for Life, Apex Blasphemy, Ave Exitium, Pacific Grim...

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    Archangel (2015)

    Album de Soulfly

    Sortie : . 10 morceaux.

    Tracklist : We Sold Our Souls to Metal, Archangel, Sodomites, Ishtar Rising, Live Life Hard!, Shamash, Bethlehem's Blood, Titans, Deceiver, Mother of Dragons...

  • Roses (2015)

    Album de Cœur de pirate

    Sortie : . 15 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Oceans Brawl, Oublie-moi, Crier tout bas, I Don’t Want to Break Your Heart, Drapeau blanc, Undone, Tu oublieras mon nom, Cast Away, The Way Back Home, Our Love, The Climb, Can’t Get Your Love, Carry On, Oceans Brawl (Ash Workman version), Oublie-moi (Felix Cartal remix)...

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    Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-2008 (EP) (2015)

    EP de AFX

    Sortie : . Acid, techno et electronique. 8 morceaux.

    Tracklist : Serge Fenix Rendered 2, DMX Acid Test, Oberheim Blacet1b, Bonus EMT Beats, Simple Slamming B 2, Midi Pipe1c Sds3time Cube/Klonedrm, NEOTEKT72, R8m Neotek Beat...

  • Stuff Like That There (2015)

    Album de Yo La Tengo

    Sortie : . 14 morceaux.

    Tracklist : My Heart's Not In It (Darlene McRea), Rickety, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Hank Williams), All Your Secrets (remake of track from Popular Songs), The Ballad Of Red Buckets (remake of track from Electr-o-pura), Friday I'm In Love (The Cure), Before We Stopped To Think (Great Plains), Butchie's Tune (The Lovin' Spoonful), Automatic Doom (Special Pillow), Awhileaway, I Can Feel The Ice Melting (The Parliaments), Naples (Antietam), Deeper Into Movies (remake of track from I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One), Somebody's In Love (The Cosmic Rays with Le Sun Ra and Arkestra)...

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