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Lee Hazlewood

Artiste musical et acteur.

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  • Signaler artiste musical Back on the Street Again (1977)

    Sortie : 1977. Rock, rock folk et pop rock. 11 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Back on the Street Again, Save a Place for Me (feat. Shari Garbo), Your Thunder and Your Lightning, Suddenly Tennessee, You Make It Look So Easy...

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  • Signaler artiste musical 20th Century Lee (1976)

    Sortie : 1976. 12 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Long Haired Country Boy, That's How I Got to Memphis, In a Young Girl's Mind, The Ballad of Lucy Jordan, An Old Lullaby...

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    Signaler artiste musical A House Safe for Tigers (OST) (1975)

    Sortie : 1975. 10 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Souls Island, A House Safe for Tigers, Our Little Boy Blue, Absent Friends, Sand Hill Anna and the Russian Mouse...

  • Signaler artiste musical The Stockholm Kid (Live) (1974)

    Sortie : 1974. 9 morceaux.


    Tracklist : The Performer, You Look Like a Lady, It Was a Very Good Year, Hello in There, Medley: Jackson / Summer Wine / Sugar Town / Some Velvet Morning / Houston / These Boots Are Made for Walkin'...

    - -
  • Signaler artiste musical Poet, Fool or Bum (1973)

    Sortie : 1973. 10 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Poet, Fool or Bum, Heaven Is My Woman's Love, Kari, Feathers, Nancy & Me...

    - -
  • Signaler artiste musical I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (1973)

    Sortie : 1973. 8 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Lone Ranger Ain't My Friend Anymore, She Comes Running, Stone Lost Child, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (feat. Ann-Kristin Hedmark), Urge for Going...

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    Signaler artiste musical Nancy & Lee Again (1972)

    Sortie : 1972. 10 morceaux.

    Album de Nancy Sinatra

    Tracklist : Arkansas Coal (Suite), Big Red Balloon, Friendship Train, Paris Summer, Congratulations...

  • Signaler artiste musical Requiem for an Almost Lady (1971)

    Sortie : 1971. Pop, rock, rock folk, ballade et folk, country. 10 morceaux.


    Tracklist : I'm Glad I Never..., If It's Monday Morning, L.A. Lady, Won't You Tell Your Dreams, I'll Live Yesterdays...

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    Signaler artiste musical Cowboy in Sweden (1970)

    Sortie : 1970. Vocale, pop, rock country, rock et folk, country. 11 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Pray Them Bars Away, Leather & Lace, Forget Marie, Cold Hard Times, The Night Before...

  • Bande-annonce
    Signaler acteur La Guerre des bootleggers (1970)

    The Moonshine War

    1 h 40 min. Sortie : juillet 1970. Comédie et policier.

    Film de Richard Quine avec Patrick McGoohan, Richard Widmark, Alan Alda

    Frank Long, agent fédéral de la Prohibition, débarque dans un petit village de paysans qui distillent du whisky clandestinement. Il y retrouve un vieil ami de...

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  • Signaler artiste musical The Cowboy & the Lady (1969)

    Sortie : 1969. Easy listening, pop, rock country, rock et folk, country. 15 morceaux.

    Album de Ann-Margret

    Tracklist : Am I That Easy to Forget?, Only Mama That'll Walk the Line, Greyhound Bus Depot, Walk on Out of My Mind, Hangin' On...

  • Signaler artiste musical Forty (1969)

    Sortie : 1969. 10 morceaux.


    Tracklist : It Was a Very Good Year, What's More I Don't Need Her, The Night Before, The Bed, Paris Bells...

    - -
  • Signaler artiste musical Trouble Maker / Greyhound Bus Depot (Single) (1969)

    Sortie : 1969. 2 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Trouble Maker, Greyhound Bus Depot...

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    Signaler artiste musical Love and Other Crimes (1968)

    Sortie : 1968. Rock country, rock et pop rock. 10 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Love and Other Crimes, Morning Dew, She Comes Running, Rosacoke Street, She's Funny That Way...

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    Signaler artiste musical Nancy & Lee (1968)

    Sortie : 1968. Pop, rock country, rock, rock classique et pop rock. 11 morceaux.

    Album de Nancy Sinatra

    Tracklist : You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin, Elusive Dreams, Greenwich Village Folk Song Salesman, Summer Wine, Storybook Children...