Photo Tom: The Nightwatchman Morello

Tom: The Nightwatchman Morello

Artiste musical.

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  • Signaler artiste musical Live@Google (Live) (2011)

    Sortie : . 10 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Intro – Flesh Shapes the Day, The Fabled City, Black Spartacus, Union Town, Save the Hammer for the Man...

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    Signaler artiste musical World Wide Rebel Songs (2011)

    Sortie : . 13 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine, The Dogs of Tijuana, It Begins Tonight, Save the Hammer for the Man, The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse...

  • Signaler artiste musical Union Town (EP) (2011)

    Sortie : . 8 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Union Town, Solidarity Forever, Which Side Are You On?, A Wall Against the Wind, 16 Tons...

    - -
  • Signaler artiste musical Live at Lime: A Benefit for Amnesty International (Live) (2009)

    Sortie : . 2 morceaux.


    Tracklist : Human, Joe Hill...

    - -
  • Signaler artiste musical The Fabled City (2008)

    Sortie : . Rock, acoustique, rock folk, folk et folk, country. 11 morceaux.


    Tracklist : The Fabled City, Whatever It Takes, The King of Hell, Night Falls, The Lights Are on in Spidertown...

  • Signaler artiste musical One Man Revolution (2007)

    Sortie : . Rock, acoustique et rock folk. 13 morceaux.


    Tracklist : California’s Dark, One Man Revolution, Let Freedom Ring, The Road I Must Travel, The Garden of Gethsemane...