Shortlist Music Prize Nominees

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    Simple Things (2001)

    Sortie : . Electronique et downtempo. 12 morceaux.

    Album de Zero 7

    Tracklist : I Have Seen, Polaris, Destiny, Give It Away, Simple Things...

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    Drukqs (2001)

    Sortie : . Electronique, drum and bass, expérimental et IDM. 30 morceaux.

    Album de Aphex Twin

    Tracklist : Jynweythek, Vordhosbn, Kladfvgbung Micshk, Strotha Tynhe, Omgyjya Switch7...

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    Vespertine (2001)

    Sortie : . Pop, IDM, downtempo, expérimental et leftfield. 13 morceaux.

    Album de Björk

    Tracklist : Hidden Place, Cocoon, It’s Not Up to You, Undo, Pagan Poetry...

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    Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections (2002)

    Sortie : . 21 morceaux.

    Album de CeeLo Green

    Tracklist : Bad Mutha, Close Encounter (break), Big Ole Words (Damn), Closet Freak, Live (Right Now)...

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    The Last Broadcast (2002)

    Sortie : . Rock, downtempo, electronique, rock indépendant et britpop. 12 morceaux.

    Album de Doves

    Tracklist : Intro, Words, There Goes the Fear, M62 Song, Where We’re Calling From...

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    The Private Press (2002)

    Sortie : . Electronique, downtempo, instrumentale, trip hop et hip hop. 16 morceaux.

    Album de DJ Shadow

    Tracklist : (Letter From Home), Fixed Income, Un autre introduction, Walkie Talkie, Giving Up the Ghost...

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    Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (2002)

    Sortie : . Neo-Psychedelia, psychédélique, pop et electronique. 11 morceaux.

    Album de The Flaming Lips

    Tracklist : Fight Test, One More Robot / Sympathy 3000-21, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Part 1, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Part 2, In the Morning of the Magicians...

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    In Search Of... (2001)

    Sortie : . Hip hop. 13 morceaux.

    Album de N.E.R.D

    Tracklist : Lapdance, Intro, Things Are Getting Better, Brain, Provider...

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    Original Pirate Material (2002)

    Sortie : . Garage house, electronique, house, grime et hip hop. 14 morceaux.

    Album de The Streets

    Tracklist : Turn the Page, Has It Come to This, Let’s Push Things Forward, Sharp Darts, Same Old Thing...

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    The Headphone Masterpiece (2002)

    Sortie : . Dub, rock, downtempo, expérimental et electronique. 37 morceaux.

    Album de Cody ChesnuTT

    Tracklist : Magic in a Mortal Minute, With Me in Mind, Upstarts in a Blowout, Boylife in America, Bitch, I'm Broke...