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Liste de livres cités par Stephen King dans son livre "Ecriture" (et pas que là d'ailleurs), juste pour l'avoir sous la main si je tombe à cours d'idées de lecture. N'hésitez pas à m'en souffler si j'en ai oublié!


+ Ses Tops 10 Livres 2012 et 2013.

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  • The Orphan Master's Son (2012)

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Adam Johnson

    #1 de son top livres 2013

    "In a stunning feat of imagination, Johnson puts us inside Jun Do (yep, John Doe), a North Korean orphan who stumbles from poverty to a job as body double for a Hero of the Eternal Revolution. The closed world of North Korea revealed here—where businessmen are conscripted to work in the rice fields and the ruthless Kim Jong-il is still the Dear Leader—goes beyond anything Orwell ever imagined. The Orphan Master’s Son veers from cold terror to surrealistic humor with ease, and succeeds as both a thriller and a social satire. Put it on your shelf next to Catch-22."
  • Les Intéressants (2013)

    The Interestings

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Meg Wolitzer

    #2 de son top livres 2013

    "A group of adolescents—little more than children, really—meet at a camp where kids explore their creativity. Ethan, Jules, Cathy, Goodman, Ash: All believe they are meant for great things. This assumption of huge talent where there may be little or none lies at the heart of Wolitzer’s novel, which sweeps across a span of decades. There’s sentiment here, full and wholehearted, but little sentimentality. Like The Corrections,The Interestings addresses one of fiction’s great themes: how we make peace with our own shortcomings and make the best of ordinary lives."
  • Le Conseiller - Dans l'ombre des Tudors, tome 1

    Wolf Hall

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Hilary Mantel

    #3 de son top livres 2013

    "Together they form one long novel (with a third to follow) about the life of Thomas Cromwell, King Henry VIII’s political and financial adviser. Mantel takes a -figure history has cast as a calculating villain and throws a warm glow over his family, his motives, and his implacable resolve. The language is rich, and the scenes leading to Anne Boleyn’s execution are unforgettable. "
  • Le Chardonneret

    The Goldfinch

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Donna Tartt

    #4 de son top livres 2013

    "Theo Decker’s mother is killed in a bombing that rocks the Metropolitan Museum of Art; Theo, unharmed, escapes with a valuable painting called The Goldfinch. He carries this symbol of grief and loss from early adolescence into an adulthood fraught with danger and beset by addiction. The long middle sequence, set in a housing development on the seedy, sand-blown outskirts of Las Vegas, is a standout. Tartt proves that the Dickensian novel—expansive and bursting with incident—is alive and well."
  • Les mille automnes de Jacob de Zoet (2010)

    The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de David Mitchell

    #5 de son top livres 2013

    "In this historical novel, an unassuming Dutch bookkeeper named Jacob de Zoet falls in love with a beautiful midwife in 18th-century Japan. When Miss Aiba-gawa is spirited away to a mountain monastery, Jacob finds the heroism in his soul. Here is a bygone secret world full of charm and horror. Mitchell is best known for Cloud Atlas, which was a literary stunt in this correspondent’s opinion. The Thousand Autumns is far better."
  • City of Women

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de David R. Gillham

    #6 de son top livres 2013

    "The city is Berlin, 1943, and the woman we care about is Sigrid, whose husband is fighting on the eastern front. Sigrid is seduced by two very different men (the sex in this book is hot-hot-hot), but the real seduction involves her reluctant participation in a scheme to ferry Jews to safety. You haven’t experienced such gray skies since season 1 of The Killing, but the feel is all Casablanca. I can’t wait for Gillham’s next novel—play it again, Sam."
  • Une place à prendre (2012)

    The Casual Vacancy

    Sortie : 2012. Roman.

    Livre de J. K. Rowling

    #7 de son top livres 2013

    "Not since Peyton Place has a writer so enthusiastically stripped the lace covers from small-town life to show the maggots of greed, lust, snobbery, and ambition squirming beneath—only Grace Metalious didn’t have Jo Rowling’s wicked sense of humor. The village of Pagford may be British, but the human foibles there are universal. Like the best social comedies, The Casual Vacancy features wit on top and outrage simmering below."
  • The Wicked Girls

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Alex Marwood

    #8 de son top livres 2013

    "Obviously, 2013 was the year of girls gone wild. Bel and Jade are the 11-year-old wicked girls, so dubbed by the British press when they’re convicted of murdering a 4-year-old left in their care. Finally paroled, they’re told they must never see each other again. Years later, with new lives, they come together in a run-down seaside amusement park where a killer is running wild. The suspense keeps the pages flying, but what sets this one apart is the palpable sense of onrushing doom."
  • Les lumineuses

    The Shining Girls

    Sortie : mai 2013. Roman.

    Livre de Lauren Beukes

    #9 de son top livres 2013

    "No, not the twins from the Kubrick movie, but the targets of a serial killer who finds a time portal in Chicago during the Depression and jackrabbits his way through recent American history, killing women and taking trophies. Until, that is, he encounters a tuff girl who’s not so easy to do away with. It’s the black-hole version of The Time Traveler’s Wife."
  • The Good Nurse

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Charles Graeber

    #10 de son top livres 2013

    "You think Annie Wilkes was bad? Check out this chilling nonfiction account of Charlie Cullen, a friendly nurse who may have killed several -hundred patients before he was caught. Now, there’s a real cockadoodie brat."
  • The Good Son

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Michael Gruber

    #1 de son top livres 2012

    "Sonia Bailey, a remarkably astute woman with a colorful backstory, leads a peace delegation into Pakistan, where her party is kidnapped by jihadists. Her son Theo sets an elaborate rescue plot in motion...but Sonia has a few tricks up her own sleeve. Let's just say she out-mullahs the mullahs. The suspense is terrific, but in this book it's a bonus. I learned more about the jihadist mindset in these pages—and in an entertaining way—than in all the cable-TV punditry I've seen since 9/11. Cerebral, emotional, heartfelt, this one's the complete package. President Obama, if you happen to come across this column, read this book."
  • Le Trône de fer : L'Intégrale, tome 1 (1996)

    A Game of Thrones − A Song of Ice and Fire : Book 1

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de George R. R. Martin

    #2 de son top livres 2012

    "I took two steps into this series last January, lost my balance, and went in headfirst. The HBO series is great, but no match for the wild generosity of the books. Swordplay, dragons, and magical fire-queens are all very well, but Martin brings something better to the table: an array of unforgettable characters and a staggering imaginative scope."
  • Les Apparences

    Gone Girl

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Gillian Flynn

    #3 de son top livres 2012

    "Amy's gone, but is she dead? And if so, did husband Nick kill her? Flynn keeps her cards close and plays them out one at a time, alternating the point of view between the participants in this marriage made in hell. It's a plot Agatha Christie could have conceived; what elevates it is the clarity of Flynn's observation and the Franzen-like richness of her prose."
  • La maison des absents

    Broken Harbour

    Sortie : 2012. Roman.

    Livre de Tana French

    #4 de son top livres 2012

    "Less a mystery than a psychological study of one family's slow descent into madness and murder, this is also a razor-sharp parable of what happens when a nation's prosperity bubble bursts and good people find themselves facing destruction through no fault of their own. I am increasingly in awe of French's narrative talents."
  • L'enfer commence maintenant

    Sortie : 2012. Roman.

    Livre de Karin Fossum

    #5 de son top livres 2012

    "Pranks can have lethal consequences, even when they seem harmless to start with. Fossum, a Norwegian poet who has turned to crime, has confected a poison bonbon that ranks with the best of Ruth Rendell."
  • Breed

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Scott Spencer et Chase Novak

    #6 de son top livres 2012

    "Alex and Leslie want a kid, and the biological clock is ticking. Thanks to a sinister fertility doctor, they get two for the price of one, great twins named Adam and Alice. Only one problem: Their parents are turning into werewolves, and the kids are looking...sorta yummy. Delicious horror ensues."
  • The Burn Palace

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Stephen Dobyns

    #7 de son top livres 2012

    "The opening chapter, in which a baby is abducted from a hospital nursery and replaced by a snake, is just the first punch in a suspense prizefight where the wallops never stop. Suspense aside, it's a generous—even Dickensian—portrait of a small New England town bursting with sex, violence, and secrets."
  • Some Kind of Fairy Tale

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Graham Joyce

    #8 de son top livres 2012

    "There are two gone girls on this list, but only one who may have been abducted by fairies. That's Tara Martin, who disappeared from home at age 15. When she shows up 20 years later, she still appears to be 15. Here is a keenly observed tale of a family in crisis, one that mixes fantasy and psychiatry in a potent cocktail."
  • Defending Jacob

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de William Landay

    #9 de son top livres 2012

    " Ben Rifkin is dead, and 14-year-old Jacob Barber has been charged with his murder. This much we know. Jacob's father doesn't believe he did it; we know this, too. As the evidence against Jacob mounts, so does the suspense. The best crime-and-courtroom drama in years."
  • The Road Out

    The Road Out: A Teacher's Odyssey in Poor America

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Deborah Hicks

    #10 de son top livres 2012

    "A wrenching account of one woman's attempt to show a group of at-risk preteen girls that literature can offer them a better life, and possibly even an escape route from their poverty-stricken and drug-racked community. The prose is occasionally clunky, but the girls are luminous. Their stories will touch your heart."
  • Livre de sang - Livres de sang, tome 1

    Book of Blood : Volume 1

    Sortie : 1984. Recueil de nouvelles.

    Livre de Clive Barker

    "I have seen the future of the horror genre, and his name is Clive Barker. [...] And if you don't send me his novel, I'll have to send a few vampires after you." -Stephen King
  • Hannibal (1999)

    Sortie : 1999. Roman.

    Livre de Thomas Harris

    “'I hope with all my heart that Harris will write again, and sooner rather than later - novels that bravely and cleverly erase the line between popular fiction and literature are very much to be prized.'”
  • A Perfect Crime

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Peter Abrahams

    Du même auteur:
    - Lights out
    - Pressure Drop
    - Revolution #3
  • The Accident

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Chris Pavone

    @StephenKing 28 mars "THE ACCIDENT, by Chris Pavone: if you like real nail-biters, this is the best one so far this year."
  • The Secret Place

    Sortie : . Roman.

    Livre de Tana French

    @StephenKing 26 mars "Read THE SECRET PLACE, by Tana French, when it comes out. You'll understand then. Great book."
  • Une Mort dans la famille

    A Death in the Family

    Sortie : 1957. Roman.

    Livre de James Agee

  • Les chiens monstres

    Lives of the Monster Dogs

    Sortie : avril 1998. Roman.

    Livre de Kirsten Bakis

  • Régénération

    Sortie : 1991. Roman.

    Livre de Pat Barker