Saison 2

6 épisodes

(4 h 30 min)

A Crime of Passion

S2 E1 A Crime of Passion

Return of the documentary following the work of Bedfordshire Police round-the-clock. Detectives are called to an ordinary terraced home in Luton, where they find a disturbing crime scene involving a seriously injured man and woman, and a blood-stained knife. The officers race against time to disentangle who is responsible for the incident, and then build a case against their suspect.

A Short, Sharp Shock

S2 E2 A Short, Sharp Shock

Two teenage girls are arrested after a fight broke out in a nightclub. And the police also arrest a 61-year-old man who's never spent a night in the cells before.

Human Traffic

S2 E3 Human Traffic

Police in Luton, Bedfordshire, arrest a man and a woman from Hungary on suspicion of human trafficking, and DC Tom Stean discovers the pair are already wanted for other alleged offences. The forensic team's investigation of the couple's hidden loft space provides evidence against them

Punchdrunk Love

S2 E4 Punchdrunk Love

The officers of Bedfordshire Police deal with cases of domestic violence this week. A man is arrested after a drinking session when his new wife alleges he hit her twice in the face, but once sober, the couple say they have made up and are now enjoying their honeymoon period. However, for other cases the toxic combination of booze and relationship tensions has more lasting consequences. Footage from police bodycams captures the immediate aftermath of a serious incident where a young man has apparently attacked his pregnant girlfriend after a drunken night out. As well as a series of potential charges, he also faces the prospect of losing his partner and their child for ever

Age Concern

S2 E5 Age Concern

Several elderly people have been sexually assaulted in a graveyard. The police have a sample of an attacker's DNA from a previous crime scene, and arrest a young man. Will his DNA match?

Frequent Flyers

S2 E6 Frequent Flyers

Detective Cathie Layton and legal rep Brett Jones have known each other for 16 years and once worked together in the police, but now they face one another on opposite sides. Brett is called to the station by a regular client who happens to be one of Luton's most prolific burglars - and he's recommending the man offers `no comment' in the interview room