Saison 4

9 épisodes

(6 h 45 min)

Human Cargo

S4 E1 Human Cargo

Bedfordshire Police investigate banging coming from inside a refrigerated HGV lorry that recently passed through Dover after crossing the Channel. Inside, they find a three-year-old girl, her five-year-old sister and their mother, as well as 12 other migrants who have been smuggled into the UK. The police now face a race against time to ascertain whether they have been illegally trafficked into the UK and deliberately imprisoned in the refrigerated container for more than 17 hours, or whether they have smuggled themselves aboard the lorry without the knowledge of the driver or transport company

To Catch a Paedophile

S4 E2 To Catch a Paedophile

Love Thy Neighbour

S4 E3 Love Thy Neighbour

Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defence League, is held in Luton police station following a vicious assault on a Muslim man. policing tensions between extremist groups is a daily challenge for the Bedfordshire Police

One Punch

S4 E4 One Punch

Two lives change in a heartbeat after a single punch fells a man outside a nightclub. The blow kills the victim and the police arrest the attacker. Cameras follow every twist and turn as the police try to disentangle what really happened.

Black Balaclava

S4 E5 Black Balaclava

Luton faces a rash of armed robberies. The crimes have one thing in common: the victims have undergone the trauma of being violently robbed at knife point. Without good CCTV images, the police have to fall back on some old-fashioned detective skills.

Home Truths

S4 E6 Home Truths

When does a row at home become a case of domestic violence? That's the tricky question the police face as they are called to intervene in domestic dramas behind closed doors in Bedfordshire.

Lethal Weapon

S4 E7 Lethal Weapon

A man is on the run from Operation Bosun, Bedfordshire police's specialist unit who tackle gun crime. Police believe that the wanted man is lying low for the moment but remains armed and dangerous.

In Plain Sight

S4 E8 In Plain Sight

As Luton takes to the streets to celebrate its annual May carnival, a man seizes his opportunity to enter a house and sexually assault two young children. Police begin a desperate search through thousands of hours of CCTV footage.

A Complaint of Rape

S4 E9 A Complaint of Rape

A woman has made a complaint of rape against a man she met in a bar. Although she can't remember his name she can give the authorities details about him. What follows is a series of interviews with the woman, a visitor from Spain and the suspect.