Saison 5

5 épisodes

(3 h 45 min)

A Moment of Madness

S5 E1 A Moment of Madness

A man walks out of a hotel lift covered in blood. He approaches the reception desk shouting that he has killed someone. As the terrified receptionist tries to rid get 999, the man grabs the phone, but the police have been reported.

Their Time Will Come

S5 E2 Their Time Will Come

A distressed woman arrives at Luton Police station, where officers have to tell her that her 76-year-old husband is under arrest following allegations of historic child sex abuse.

Human Chains

S5 E3 Human Chains

'TB' comes to Luton Police station claiming that his life's in danger and that he's just escaped from a slave owning gang. Over 200 officers launch a dawn raid on the suspects.

Code of Silence

S5 E4 Code of Silence

A man has been attacked and left unconscious on the floor of a crowded pub for over 30 minutes. Detectives face a wall of silence as they search for evidence.

The Golden Bracelet

S5 E5 The Golden Bracelet

Bedfordshire Police are particularly busy. A care worker denies stealing a gold bracelet, a man denies being involved in a stabbing, and a suspect is questioned about an assault.