Body in the Grass

S7 E1 Body in the Grass

A woman's body is found in overgrown grassland. When detectives inform her partner of her death, his behaviour marks him out as a chief suspect.

The Kane Line

S7 E2 The Kane Line

The programme follows major surveillance operation run by the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit against an organised crime gang behind a drugs supply line. Ten simultaneous armed raids are launched at dawn and the suspects are taken into custody, with the cases against the gang members being documented as the officers put their evidence to them in interviews.

A Knife Through the Heart

S7 E3 A Knife Through the Heart

A man lies dying in the street from a stab wound to his heart. A friend at the scene is desperate to find out if he will survive but it is now a crime scene and he is not allowed to see the victim.

A Second Chance

S7 E4 A Second Chance

A woman calls the police to a block of flats in Luton and as they carefully advance down the corridor, a bloody handprint is clearly visible on the wall. The flat appears to be empty, but police suspect a man who has previously been in trouble with them has fled the scene. Cameras follow Bedfordshire Police's enquiry into a disturbing case that ends with a twist.

Fifty Shades of Abuse

S7 E5 Fifty Shades of Abuse

A teenager disappears from hospital after being brought in with serious injuries that suggest she's been tied up and assaulted. Bedfordshire Police investigate.

What Lies Beneath

S7 E6 What Lies Beneath

A man phones police to claim that there are body parts buried in the garden of a house on an estate in Luton and a search team is dispatched, but faces a wall of silence at the scene. Detectives suspect that it is a fantasy but, more worryingly, they may be being deliberately drawn into a long-running and brutal tit-for-tat gang war. Cameras follow every twist and turn of the case as it escalates further when the mother of the original complainant is stabbed in the chest.

Lost in Translation

S7 E7 Lost in Translation

Bedfordshire Police confront issues thrown up by the mass movement of people across Europe. A man travelling with a young woman on a one-way ticket from Bulgaria is stopped at Luton Airport. Officers from the National Crime Agency believe that he - and another man who has come to the arrivals gate to meet them - may be bringing the woman into the country unlawfully. The story takes a surprising twist when one of the men they have arrested claims he is her father. Cameras follow every twist and turn of the case, as detectives try to discover the truth when so much is obscured by different languages and culture.

Living Amongst Us

S7 E8 Living Amongst Us

Bedfordshire Police have to confront the issues thrown up by a surge in the number of crimes related to the sexual exploitation and grooming of children by paedophiles. A man is lured to what he believes is a meeting with a 13-year-old girl, but is caught in a sting operation by so-called 'paedophile hunters'. A few days later, the case takes a surprising twist when police are called to a roadside where a pensioner is found badly beaten and suffering a bleed on the brain.