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S1 E1 Wizboy

The boys think Kyle (the new kid) is a pretend wizard. But, the boys soon learn that their new friend is an actual wizard expelled from a wizard school called Milkweed Academy.

Pick a Nose

S1 E2 Pick a Nose

The boys switch noses for class picture day, but rivalry is just around the corner.

The Janitor Strikes Back

S1 E3 The Janitor Strikes Back

Yum Yum (Fanboy and Chum Chum's gum friend) comes to school, but the new janitor is on the case.

Dollar Day

S1 E4 Dollar Day

The boys go to the Frosty Mart to by Frosty Freezy Freezes, but Chum Chum spends their only dollar on Boog's Chimp Chomp game.

Trading Day

S1 E5 Trading Day

Fanboy trades Chum Chum for Yo's Mecha-Tech robot.

The Hard Sell

S1 E6 The Hard Sell

Digital Pet Cemetery

S1 E7 Digital Pet Cemetery

After they accidentally "power down" Yo's digital pet cat Scampers, Fanboy and Chum Chum bury it at the graveyard only to make it come back as a zombie.

Fanboy Stinks

S1 E8 Fanboy Stinks

I, Fanbot

S1 E9 I, Fanbot

Fanboy and Chum Chum have a test coming up and if the entire class passes, they win a bouncy house. Fanboy decides to install his brain into Oz's robot to get smarter, but worse results come to follow.

Berry Sick

S1 E10 Berry Sick

When a heatwave hits Galaxy Hills, the boys see the Frosty Freezy Freeze machine is on the fritz. They try to nurse Berry, the ice monster who runs the machine back to health but wind up getting "Frosty Freezy Freeze Fever" the moment they lick him.

Chimp Chomp Chumps

S1 E11 Chimp Chomp Chumps

Boog will do anything for the boys if he wants to get one of their 3 tickets to see a Chimp Chomp movie.

Precious Pig

S1 E12 Precious Pig

Fanboy and Chum Chum take home and care for the class pet pig, Precious. But Mr. Mufflin catches Fanboy teaching him kung fu and thinks he's hurting him, so he takes Precious back and Fanboy can no longer care for him.

Monster in the Mist

S1 E13 Monster in the Mist

Boog believes he saw a monster in the Frosty Mart, and Fanboy and Chum Chum help him catch it.


S1 E14 Fangboy

Fanboy suspects he's bitten by a vampire, and the boys go see a neck specialist who IS a vampire.

Brain Drain

S1 E15 Brain Drain

Fanboy gets amnesia, causing Chum Chum to become an open target for Yo.


S1 E16 Fanboyfriend

Chicken Pox

S1 E17 Chicken Pox

Kyle transforms into a chicken after getting the chicken pox, so the boys try to get him to turn back to normal by laying an egg.

Moppy Dearest

S1 E18 Moppy Dearest

Norse-ing Around

S1 E19 Norse-ing Around

Fanboy and Chum Chum meet a Viking named Thorvald, and try to get him back home to Valhala.

The Janitor's Apprentice

S1 E20 The Janitor's Apprentice

When Fanboy and Chum Chum are punished for making a mess in the cafeteria, they have to help Janitor Poopatine clean up the school.

Excuse Me

S1 E21 Excuse Me

Fanboy, Chum Chum and Kyle get Kyle's Scrivener Elf to write fake excuse notes to get out of various classes.

Night Morning

S1 E22 Night Morning

Chum Chum shows Fanboy a time of day called Night-Morning (midnight). Fanboy invites the whole class over to party, but it doesn't seem as fun to them as Fanboy and Chum Chum do.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

S1 E23 Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

The boys wind up in the wrong playground and are mistaken for preschoolers. While there, they encounter Marsha, Fanboy's archenemy.

Secret Shopper

S1 E24 Secret Shopper

The boys learn to take care of business when a Secret Shopper comes to the Frosty Mart.

Prank Master

S1 E25 Prank Master

Little Glop of Horrors

S1 E26 Little Glop of Horrors

Total Recall

S1 E27 Total Recall

Refill Madness

S1 E28 Refill Madness

The Frosty Bus

S1 E29 The Frosty Bus

Fanboy and Chum Chum have a burping contest. When it's Fanboy's turn a song comes out, but it turned out to be The Frosty Bus. Everyone except for the boys ran up to it. Fanboy told Chum Chum to work up a thirst. So the ran around on the play ground as fast as they could and licked a fire hydrent. Then they couldn't decided what to get and then Lenny's shift was over so he went crazy saying "PINK, BLUE, PINK, BLUE, PINK, BLUE MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!" (since Fanboy kept saying pink, blue, pink, blue.) So Boog came and missed their cups on purpose and tied the boys into a pretzel. Next Boog goes to play Chimp Chomp. the boys put their mouths to the pipes but Boog put helium in them. Then Fanboy dresses as a cop. Chum Chum had a siren that let him sound like anything. They tricked Boog but there was a call about a seagull stealing snacks. Then they brake Chimp Chomp on purpose. They told Boog to meet them behind to Frosty Bus in a hour. When he did they tricked him with a fake Chimp Chomp. Then they crash the Frosty Bus. And the sign crushes Boog.

The Tell-Tale Toy

S1 E30 The Tell-Tale Toy

Cold War

S1 E31 Cold War

The boys are under the weather, and when they wind up fighting each other, they also fight over Kyle's attention when he comes to visit them.

Fanboy in the Plastic Bubble

S1 E32 Fanboy in the Plastic Bubble

Fanboy and Chum Chum buy Boog's plastic bubble from a yard sale, but Boog gets outraged when he descovers it makes the riders bop-proof.

Sigmund the Sorcerer

S1 E33 Sigmund the Sorcerer

Fanboy A'Hoy!

S1 E34 Fanboy A'Hoy!

Fan vs. Wild

S1 E35 Fan vs. Wild

Fanboy, Chum Chum and Kyle go camping on the Frosty Mart roof, but Kyle accidentally drops the rope to get down, forcing the boys to try and survive in the roof's bitter, cold, frosty weather!

The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy

S1 E36 The Incredible Shrinking Fanboy

Fanboy worries that he's shrinking, and moves into Yo's dollhouse.

Separation Anxiety

S1 E37 Separation Anxiety

The boys' desks are separated for singing out loud during "Quiet Time", so they try to get reunited.

Strings Attached

S1 E38 Strings Attached

Fanboy is turned into a puppet and tries to prove himself worthy by doing a good deed, but it doesn't go well.

The Book Report of the Dead

S1 E39 The Book Report of the Dead

Fanboy swipes Kyle's spellbook to finish his book report, but ends up turning Mr. Mufflin into a zombie.

Stan Arctica

S1 E40 Stan Arctica

Man-Arctica poses as a storeworker named Stan at Oz's when Fanboy and Chum Chum believe that he disappeared forever.

Man-Arctica the Ride

S1 E41 Man-Arctica the Ride

Fanboy and Chum Chum are eager to ride a new roller coaster, but Fanboy's excitement later turns into fear.


S1 E42 Fan-bidextrous

Fanboy trains himself to be ambidextrous in order to be a better class clown.

Saving Private Chum Chum

S1 E43 Saving Private Chum Chum

After Hank takes away everyone's toys due to no toys allowed in class, he mistakes Chum Chum for one and takes him as well. Fanboy recruits his friends and they work together as a military rescue team to get Chum Chum back

Jingle Fever

S1 E44 Jingle Fever

Lenny tries to ruin Fanboy and Chum Chum's chances of winning a million Frosty Bucks by stopping them from writing a jingle.

Eyes on the Prize

S1 E45 Eyes on the Prize

The boys have no luck while searching for a cereal box toy that's in limited condition, so they seek help from Oz.

Battle of the Stands

S1 E46 Battle of the Stands

The boys start a lemonade stand, but Lupe and Yo start a competing one across the street.

Lord of the Rings

S1 E47 Lord of the Rings

Kyle tries to find out how Fanboy can connect two rings together.

The Incredible Chulk

S1 E48 The Incredible Chulk

Chum Chum grows into a Chulk, and Fanboy has fun. But when Chum Chum shrinks to normal size due to Boog scaring him, Fanboy tries to make him grow again.

Norse Code

S1 E49 Norse Code

The Great Bicycle Mystery

S1 E50 The Great Bicycle Mystery

When Lenny's bike gets destroyed outside the Frosty Mart, Fanboy and Chum Chum try to determine who did it.