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Saison 1

13 épisodes

(5 h 25 min)

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Robots & Fantasy

S1 E1 Robots & Fantasy

Tsubasa Kurata, a company programmer and a mecha model fan, is killed in a car accident. Tsubasa is reincarnated as a young boy named Ernesti "Eru" Echavalier in the Fremmevilla Kingdom in a world where magic exist. After witnessing his father Mathias defeating a demon beast in a mech called Silhouette Knight, Eru is motivated to be a Silhouette Knight pilot - Knight Runner - so that he too can ride one as well.

Héros & Bête

S1 E2 Héros & Bête

A giant demon beast tortoise attacks the gates of Cloquet Forest where the guards die fighting it as one runs to the capital to request the Knights for help. Ernie steals a Silhouette Knight to fight, successfully helping the Knight Runners. Meanwhile, the King of Fremmevilla takes an interest with Ernie due to his deeds.

Scrap & Build

S1 E3 Scrap & Build

Ernie is summoned by the King who wants to reward him any prize for defeating the Behemoth. Much to the court and his grandfather's shock, Ernie asks for the classified schematics of an Ether Reactor, the heart of a Silhouette Knight. When Ernie explains he wants to make his dream Silhouette Knight and ride it as his hobby, the King is amused with his answer and agrees to Ernie's request if he can build an improved Silhouette Knight first.

Light & Shadow

S1 E4 Light & Shadow

While Ernie and the engineers try to find a way to fix the Telestale's high mana consumption, Ernie also builds weapons for the Silhouette Gears including an automatic crossbow. Addy and Kid reports to their father about the Telestale's performance which he in turn informs Marquis Dixgard. Under Marquis Dixgard orders, the Order of the Scarlet Rabbit has three Telestale Silhouette Knight brought to Fort Casadesus where the Marquis will inspect and test the Knights personally.

Hide & Seek

S1 E5 Hide & Seek

Worried about Ernie, Edgar and Dietrich accompany Batson, David, Kid and Addy in their Silhouette Knights to Fort Casadesus. Meanwhile, the Bronze Fang Knights managed to sneak into Fort Casadesus and hijack the Fort's Silhouette Knights including the three new Telestales.

Trial & Error

S1 E6 Trial & Error

Following the events in Fort Casadesus, a new order is created with Ernie as it's commander, the Order of the Silver Phoenix. They have been asked to continue development of new models in secret.

New & Old

S1 E7 New & Old

Ernie and the Order of the Silver Phoenix bring an impressive show in front of the laboratory and spectators with their new Silhouette Knights. Meanwhile, the King and Prince have a request for Ernie.

Secret & Quest

S1 E8 Secret & Quest

A large group of Shellcased beasts head for Alfheim, the city where the Ether Reactors are developed, the Order of Silver Phoenix is dispatched to help defend it. After the battle, Ambrosius finally accepts Ernie's request to let him learn the secret of how Ether Reactors are created.

Force & Justice

S1 E9 Force & Justice

War & Princess

S1 E10 War & Princess

Episode 11

S1 E11 Episode 11

Episode 12

S1 E12 Episode 12

Episode 13

S1 E13 Episode 13