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Wench Trouble

S1 E1 Wench Trouble

Kröd and the gang go on a mission to rescue the leader of the resistance from the evil Chancellor Dongalor.

Golden Powers

S1 E2 Golden Powers

As Chancellor Dongalor falls for a peasant girl, Kröd begins to learn of a prophecy that reveals his role in the coming resistance.

Our Bounties Ourselves

S1 E3 Our Bounties Ourselves

Chancellor Dongalor hires bounty hunters to stop Kröd, but Dongalor is more concerned about the arrival of a weapons inspector.

O Biclops, Where Art Thou?

S1 E4 O Biclops, Where Art Thou?

In order to establish his credibility for the Elite Resistance Council, Kröd must face off against a cyclops and retrieve its gem.

Succubi: The Dawn's Early Light

S1 E5 Succubi: The Dawn's Early Light

Kröd is entrusted with alerting the resistance about Dongalor's activation of the Eye of Gulga Grymna. Meanwhile, Dongalor searches high and low for the Eye's missing component

Thrilla in the Villa

S1 E6 Thrilla in the Villa

Kröd and the gang learn that they have been pawns in a conspiracy.