Saison 2

31 épisodes

(120 min)

The Cop Who Saved Christmas

S2 E1 The Cop Who Saved Christmas

Mike and his jolly crew of producers bring the North Pole to sunny Panama City, Florida in hopes of surprising the Salvage Santa (Mike Jones). A local hero, who spends all year refurbishing old bikes out of his tiny Santa workshop and distributes them to children during the holidays.

The Community Responds

S2 E2 The Community Responds

While hard at work on the road shooting season 2 of Returning the Favor, Mike takes a moment to check back in on Katie Hughes, an honoree from season one who is introducing young girls to the trades in hopes of narrowing the skills gap.

John's Dirty Job

S2 E3 John's Dirty Job

While on the road shooting season 2 of Returning the Favor, Mike takes a break to surprise John Middleswarth, a former truck driver from Zebulon, North Carolina who is doing his part to make sure that the streets and parks in his town stay clean.

Donovan Update

S2 E4 Donovan Update

While back on the road shooting season 2 of Returning the Favor mike sends a team to Albuquerque, New Mexico to help an overwhelmed Donovan Smith (Season 1) finish his final 200 soap orders that poured in after Mike rallied the RTF community to support him several months back.

One Mom's Mission

S2 E5 One Mom's Mission

The RTF team head over to Pleasant Grove, Utah to Return the Favor to a woman named Jazmine Edwards who runs a boutique called U.G.L.Y’s closet: an incredible resource for single mothers.

Gratitude is on the Menu

S2 E6 Gratitude is on the Menu

The RTF team heads South to Jackson, Tennessee to learn more about Amy Crenshaw and the ComeUnity Cafe; a local staple that feeds patrons regardless of if they can afford it or not.

Thank You For Your Service

S2 E7 Thank You For Your Service

The Returning the Favor team heads down to Davidson, NC to thank Dan Berei, a U.S Army veteran who started Combat Flags, an operation inspired by Americas combat soldiers and the struggle they continue to endure.

A Square To Spare

S2 E8 A Square To Spare

The RTF team go to Lawrenceville Georgia to meet Kendall Robinson, a young woman who has taken it upon herself to make sure that her community has access to toilet paper.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

S2 E9 Sleep in Heavenly Peace

The team stops into Twin Falls, Idaho to meet Luke Mickelson who started Sleep in Heavenly Peace, an organization whose mission is to ensure that no child in their town ever has to sleep on the floor.

Against All Odds

S2 E10 Against All Odds

Mike and the crew head to the Big Apple to learn more about Goldin Martinez and his program Get Focused; a movement designed to empower young people to read through exercise.

The Garage Of Blessings

S2 E11 The Garage Of Blessings

Mike and the crew head over to Oak Harbor, Washington to learn more about Kristiina Miller and the Garage of Blessings; a local donation based garage that was started to help "serve those who have a need" in her Washington community.

Alton's Toy Story

S2 E12 Alton's Toy Story

Mike and the team are in West Jordan Utah to return the favor to Alton Thacker, an 82 year old man who started Tiny Tim's Foundation; a workshop that has produced over 800,000 toy cars for children all over the world.

Tough Love

S2 E13 Tough Love

Mike and the crew are in Lancaster County PA to learn more about Carol Stark, AKA the Crazy Lady, a woman who goes above and beyond to help local children who have fallen through the cracks.

Serving Up Second Chances

S2 E14 Serving Up Second Chances

Mike and the crew head south to San Antonio, Texas to meet up with Alice "Ma" Harper at Ma Harper's Creole Kitchen. For the last 25 years, Ma has been serving up award winning gumbo to the locals as well as second chances to the formerly incarcerated, who otherwise would have nowhere else to turn for employment and guidance.

Bully Rehab

S2 E15 Bully Rehab

Mike and the crew go to Yuma Arizona to meet Carlos Flores, a remarkable man who started BRAG, a bully rehab awareness gym that is doing its part to combat the bullying epidemic.

Soldier Dogs

S2 E16 Soldier Dogs

Mike and the team head to Woodbridge, Virginia to meet Chris and Amanda Baity who run Semper K9, an organization that is rescuing dogs and Veterans.

Rebuilding the Big Easy

S2 E17 Rebuilding the Big Easy

Mike and the team head south to Louisiana to learn more about Dwayne "Prince" Holmes and his organization Youth Rebuilding New Orleans, a youth-based non-profit that is rebuilding their community by purchasing and repairing blighted homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Honoring the Brave

S2 E18 Honoring the Brave

This week the RTF team is in Prescott, Arizona to honor Deborah Pfingston & Roxanne Warneke and The Wildland Firefighter Guardian Institute, a group of women who are doing everything in their power to improve wild land firefighting practices in hopes of avoiding tragedy.

Adah’s Dirty Laundry

S2 E19 Adah’s Dirty Laundry

Mike and the team drop into South Carolina in hopes of Returning the Favor to Adahlia Nix, a remarkable young woman who organizes a weekly laundry service for those in her Greenville community that are struggling to make ends meet.

All The Shingle Ladies

S2 E20 All The Shingle Ladies

Mike and the crew are in Forest City, North Carolina to learn more about the Women Roofers, a collective of tenacious 'women of a certain age' who are making an impact by fixing roofs for local residents in need.

The Girl Who Feeds The Hungry

S2 E21 The Girl Who Feeds The Hungry

Mike and the team travel to Mount Olive, North Carolina to surprise thirteen-year-old Mackenzie "Kenzie" Hinson who established the Make A Difference Food Pantry in an effort to fight hunger in her home town.

Grounds Of Love

S2 E22 Grounds Of Love

Mike and the crew head west to North Bend, Washington to surprise Kristin Zuray and her organization, the Trail Youth, a local non-profit using coffee, donuts & love to positively impact the lives of local teens in Washington State.

Saving Kids On The Farm

S2 E23 Saving Kids On The Farm

Mike and the gang swing into Springfield, Ohio to return the favor to Debbie McCullough and Cathy Tofstad, two best friends who run the On the Rise Farm, a local non profit organization serving at-risk youth in Clark County through hard work, compassion and work ethic.

Beauty And The Beets

S2 E24 Beauty And The Beets

Mike and the Crew are in sunny Miami, Florida to meet Asha Loring, a remarkable young woman who's organization 'Health in the Hood' is not only improving the lives of food desert residents but also improving the physical landscape of the hometown.

The Can Lady

S2 E25 The Can Lady

Mike and the team speed into Indianapolis, Indiana to meet up with Mary Stumpp and The Can Lady Project, a recycling initiative that donates field trips and supplies to teachers in local Indianapolis schools - all funded by, you guessed it, cans! Since its inception the project has generated over $60K in donations.

To Serve And Protect

S2 E26 To Serve And Protect

Mike and the team swing into to Canton Ohio, home of the Football Hall of Fame, to get to know Officer LaMar Sharpe and the "Be a Better Me Foundation", a movement that encourages and empowers inner city youth by providing access to positive role models.

Veterans Helping Veterans

S2 E27 Veterans Helping Veterans

This week the RTF crew heads to Conesus, New York to meet up with Justin Cogswell, the founder of Operation Build Up: a Veteran run non-profit that assists local Veterans in need of transportation by giving them refurbished vehicles.

Food 4 Kids

S2 E28 Food 4 Kids

The Returning the Favor team heads into the Granite State to meet Isidro Rodriguez, an incredible young man who is raising funds to clear student lunch debt in his Haverhill, New Hampshire community.

In Memory of Ian

S2 E29 In Memory of Ian

Mike and the team head to Encinitas, California to meet John & Alison Barry who after the tragic passing of their son Ian, decided to start Rollin' From The Heart, a foundation that uses skateboarding as a vehicle to help empower and invigorate at risk youth in the community.

An American Second Chance

S2 E30 An American Second Chance

This week we're back in Mike's hometown of Baltimore, Maryland to shine the spotlight on Project Jumpstart: A pre-apprenticeship training program that provides a fresh start to low-income city residents who want to enter the construction trade.

Standing with Coal Country

S2 E31 Standing with Coal Country

Returning the Favor alumni Kenzie Hinson and the Women Roofers meet up with Mike and the crew in the heart of coal country-- Welch, West Virginia-- to surprise Linda McKinney of Five Loaves and Two Fishes Food Bank, an organization that helps feed thousands of struggling residents each year.