Saison 3

23 épisodes

(7 h 40 min)

Saving our Veterans

S3 E1 Saving our Veterans

Mike and the team kick off season three with a trip to Wyandotte, Michigan, to meet Ann Rudisill, a spitfire Vietnam War era Veteran who started Downriver for Veterans, an organization that provides a wide range of assistance to local Veterans in the Wyandotte community.

Coach Of The Year

S3 E2 Coach Of The Year

Batter up! This week Mike recruits the St. Louis Cardinals to help return the favor to a Missouri coach who provides free sporting equipment to kids.

Raising the Youth of Detroit

S3 E3 Raising the Youth of Detroit

Mike and the team race to the Motor City to honor Eric Miller, a man who runs a youth leadership training program that provides free lawn care services to veterans.

The 89-Year-Old Golfer!

S3 E4 The 89-Year-Old Golfer!

Mike tees off with an 89-year-old golfer who's found a way to share his love of the sport by building a course where the community can play for free.

A Firefighter Christmas

S3 E5 A Firefighter Christmas

It's a hero's Christmas morning as Mike and the team head to Texas to honor a local volunteer fighter, Blake "PeeWee" Henson and his band of brothers, the Texas Firewalkers.

Fences for Fido

S3 E6 Fences for Fido

The team heads to Oregon to meet an incredible group of volunteers who are helping turn dog chains into dog shelters.

The Weights Veterans Carry

S3 E7 The Weights Veterans Carry

This week the team is in Texas to meet Justin "Boflex" Bohannon, an Army Veteran who is lifting up Veterans with PTSD through fitness.

Fighting for the Trades

S3 E8 Fighting for the Trades

This week Mike and the team are in Colorado to thank shop teacher Dave Franks and honor his efforts to bring shop class back to schools.

The Bra Fairy

S3 E9 The Bra Fairy

Snow falls on the Nation's Capitol as the team attempts to reward Dana Marlow, a woman who collects and distributes bras and hygiene products to women in need.

Every Kid Deserves a Birthday Party

S3 E10 Every Kid Deserves a Birthday Party

Mike is in Pittsburgh this week to surprise Megs Yunn, a woman who is making sure that every child in the city of Pittsburgh is celebrated on their birthday.

The Mother Saving the South Side

S3 E11 The Mother Saving the South Side

Mike and the crew head to the Windy City to Return the Favor to LaTanya Johnson, an incredible woman who created a free after school program for children in her community in hopes of breaking the cycle of crime and violence that is currently plaguing the area.

An 82-Year-Old Small Town Hero

S3 E12 An 82-Year-Old Small Town Hero

Everything is bigger in the great state of Texas, including the do-gooders! Mike and the team honor 82-year-old Barney C Jones, a man who has devoted his life to serving seniors in his small town of Royse City.

Shoes For Kids

S3 E13 Shoes For Kids

Mike and the team lace up their boots and ride into Houston to Return the Favor to Alisa Ward and her organization that provides new shoes to children who are living in poverty throughout their home state of Texas.

A Big Guy With A Big Heart

S3 E14 A Big Guy With A Big Heart

It’s tornado season in Oklahoma as Mike and the team storm into town to meet Adam Ely, a larger than life disabled veteran who is traveling around his community repairing vehicles for folks that are experiencing hard luck.

Gold Star Mom

S3 E15 Gold Star Mom

Mike, the crew and Mike's parents sweat it out in sunny Florida to meet Kelly Kowall, an inspiring Gold Star Mother who created a military retreat that provides veterans and military families a tranquil place to heal upon returning home from the battlefield or losing a loved one in the service.

From Homeless To Do-Gooder

S3 E16 From Homeless To Do-Gooder

School is in session as Mike and the crew head to Spokane, WA to spend time with Rick Clark, a formerly homeless do-gooder who hit the reset button and is now giving back by providing backpacks filled with resources to those in need.

The Firefighters Fiercest Fight

S3 E17 The Firefighters Fiercest Fight

Mike and the team go to the Big Easy to meet "Chuckles", AKA T.J. Maury, a superhero firefighter with a heart of gold who laughs in the face of adversity as he battles the biggest villain of his life: stage three colon cancer.

The Kitchen Table

S3 E18 The Kitchen Table

Mike and the team are in Rochelle, Illinois to break bread with Carolyn Brown, owner of "The Kitchen Table" a pay-what-you-can restaurant that provides home-cooked meals to folks in her community that have fallen on hard times.

A Snake Hunter

S3 E19 A Snake Hunter

Things get a little swampy down in the Everglades as Mike and the crew return the favor to Tom Rahill of the Swamp Apes: An organization that not only helps veterans struggling with PTSD, but assists in the removal of invasive species from the area.

A Forgotten Neighborhood Fights Back

S3 E20 A Forgotten Neighborhood Fights Back

It's hammer time! Mike and the crew head to Louisiana to meet the Hammer of Hollygrove-Dixon, Miss Brenda Lomax-Brown, a 73-year-old firecracker of a woman who is doing everything in her power to improve the conditions of her forgotten New Orleans neighborhood.

The NJ Woman Who Will Never Forget

S3 E21 The NJ Woman Who Will Never Forget

Mike and the team find themselves a stone's throw from New York City, in the suburbs of New Jersey to surprise Megan McDowell, the founder of Heartworks - an organization of female Do-Gooder's helping local families to heal in times of grief, illness or injury. This incredible initiative was born out of the kindness shown to her family after losing a loved one in the attacks that took place on September 11, 2001.

Pin-Ups for Vets

S3 E22 Pin-Ups for Vets

Mike and the team (bathing) suit up to meet Pin-Up for Vets founder Gina Elise, who created a non-profit organization that empowers female veterans through makeovers and photoshoots. The organization then uses those photos to create a calendar which helps Gina raise funds for VA hospitals nationwide.

One Soldier's Inspiration to Serve

S3 E23 One Soldier's Inspiration to Serve

The Returning the Favor Effect Page comes to life when Mike and the team find themselves in the Heart of Dixie to meet MSgt. Rob Dinsmore, a 30-year retired Air Force Veteran who was inspired to help local Alabama vets suffering from PTSD after watching the premiere episode of Returning the Favor: Operation Combat Bikesaver.