Saison 2

26 épisodes

(150 min)


S2 E1 Medium

Fi tries to contact her dad through a real medium who spends his time debunking fake mediums and has no interest in using his own talents.


S2 E2 Drive

Jack and Clu buy a car together but when Jack attempts to take his driving test in it, it exhibits signs of otherworldly possession.


S2 E3 Siren

Carey, Clu's older brother falls for a girl who's really a mythological Siren who sings and woos men to their deaths.


S2 E4 Nightmare

Fi, Jack and Clu find that they are all having the same nightmare, all related to a frightened little boy.


S2 E5 Listen

As the band is doing a concert at a local farm town for charity, Fi notices that the townspeople have the ability to read minds and discovers that it may have been caused by an UFO.


S2 E6 Mutiny

Clu finds a piece of driftwood that has causes Ned to exhibit signs of being possessed by a captain of a ship that sank a long time ago.


S2 E7 Boo

A Halloween gig in a strange New England town called Rhiannon turns into a nightmare when Fi discovers that the spirits of the dead walk the night on Halloween and drag any living beings back with them.


S2 E8 Werewolf

While at a bed and breakfast, Fi suspects that the animal preying on local farms may be a werewolf.

Second Generation

S2 E9 Second Generation

Fi meets a young man who's really the clone of his genius scientist father.


S2 E10 Oopa

When a rich but nerdy computer genius is attracted to Molly, Fi gets the opportunity to examine a mysterious out of place artifact that turns out to be an ancient computing device.


S2 E11 Banshee

Fi fears that a banshee has come to announce the impending death of her grandfather.

Strange Geometry

S2 E12 Strange Geometry

As Molly shoots a music video in an abandoned building, Fi discovers a portal to the spirit world and can't resist entering it.


S2 E13 Fountain

On Christmas Eve, a magic soda fountain sends Fi back in time for an important lesson. She gets to see her father again and learns about something she never knew.


S2 E14 Fall

Ned's childhood friend, Sam gets caught up in the reenactment of a tragic childhood accident where Ned and Sam watched their best friend die.


S2 E15 Destiny

The Will o' the Wisp that once possessed Jack, returns and this time jumps into Molly and once again plays with Fi's mind and reveals a secret to her.


S2 E16 Blues

A haunting blues song provides clues to a past murder that Fi is determined to uncover.


S2 E17 Avatar

Molly, Jack and Carey find themselves trapped in a succession of virtual realities by a lonely young man, while Fi tries to figure out where they are.

James Garr

S2 E18 James Garr

Fi discovers that Carey's hospital roommate was revived after being cryogenically frozen in an experiment.


S2 E19 Troll

At a roadside diner, Fi's family and friends disappear one by one, seemingly turning into vegetables and Fi learns the owner of the diner is really a troll.


S2 E20 Fathom

Jack is very suspicious of his mother's new love interest and well he should be since the man is really a merman.


S2 E21 Roswell

Fi meets a homeless man who turns out to be in possession of an artifact from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash.


S2 E22 Vampire

Jack discovers that the OSSN, an online student support network is actually a front for something sinister. But what he doesn't know is that all the members are actually vampires and he unwittingly manages to save his family, friends and himself with his angel necklace that seems to ward off the creatures.


S2 E23 Shelter

When Fi tries to expose abuse at an animal shelter, a witch turns her into a dog.


S2 E24 Encore

Flooded by memories of Rick and all the strange things that have happened while on the road, Molly decides to end the tour and go home, much to Fi's dismay.


S2 E25 Transplant

Fi investigates an old family friend, John, a former guitar player whose lost the ability to play after receiving a heart transplant, and is showing signs of madness.


S2 E26 Twin

Fi believes her dead father is trying to communicate from beyond the grave through his twin sister.