Saison 2

3 épisodes

(2 h 15 min)

Murder at the Vatican

S2 E1 Murder at the Vatican

Documentary series that puts the world's biggest conspiracy theories under the spotlight. Is it possible that a future pope turned a blind eye to Nazi war criminals escaping to South America after the war? Is there any truth in the theory that a Vatican insider poisoned Pope John Paul I? Was the KGB really behind the attempt to assassinate Pope John Paul II in May 1981? And was Roberto Calvi killed because he had helped the Mafia to launder money through the Vatican bank?

The CIA Kennedy Killing

S2 E2 The CIA Kennedy Killing

Perhaps the most famous assassination in modern times is that of President John F Kennedy. But there are those who claim that the murder of his brother Robert six years later was the next chapter of that chilling story. Although Bobby's assassin Sirhan Sirhan has spent almost 50 years in jail for the crime, Conspiracy reveals a theory which speculates that Sirhan was a pawn of the CIA - brainwashed like the character in 'The Manchurian Candidate'.

Faking the Moon Landings

S2 E3 Faking the Moon Landings

Bart Sibrel and journalist Marcus Allen claim to have evidence that proves that the American moon landings in the late 1960s and 70s were faked. Gary McKinnon, who hacked into the Pentagon computers in 2002, claims that he found information about a secret US space fleet in orbit and powered by alien technology. Other theories surround supposed Soviet space-race cover-ups, including radio messages from the doomed secret Soviet space missions and and cosmonauts airbrushed from official photos.