Saison 1

13 épisodes

(4 h 20 min)

Good Old Bad Days

S1 E1 Good Old Bad Days

Principal Rogerson has disappeared into Zero and a replacement has arrived at the school.

Denmead for Denmead

S1 E2 Denmead for Denmead

Card play goes feral when the boys realise they can spin Denmead between worlds at their whim. Max and John are having too much fun to heed Hiro’s warning and find themselves with not one but two Denmeads. Expecting double trouble (read double pounding) they are surprised when the Denmeads fall head over heels with each other and are too infatuated to seek retribution. It proves to be a challenging situation for all concerned, particularly Charity who is convinced Denmead is having an affair… imagine her surprise when she finds out who it is with.

School Photo

S1 E3 School Photo

Reign of Error

S1 E4 Reign of Error

His Life as a Dog

S1 E5 His Life as a Dog

Prince Harming

S1 E6 Prince Harming

See Ya Later, Gladiator

S1 E7 See Ya Later, Gladiator

Amonsun Under Fire

S1 E8 Amonsun Under Fire

Sweet Potato

S1 E9 Sweet Potato

I'll Take the Couch

S1 E10 I'll Take the Couch

Mystic Skater

S1 E11 Mystic Skater

Dad to the Bone

S1 E12 Dad to the Bone

Dead Cute

S1 E13 Dead Cute