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The Three Little Pigs

S4 E1 The Three Little Pigs

If you work hard you can overcome the most formidable obstacles. Thats the morale of this most popular of fairy tales. Billy Crystal and Valerie Perrine are in trouble when they come up against Big Bad Wolf Jeff Goldblum. Billys older brothers just miss ending up on the wolfs plate by the hair of their chin-ee chin chins when he blows there houses of straw and sticks away. Billy the more practical pig, takes his time and constructs his house out of sturdy brick. when the cigar-chomping wolf arrives- he huffs and puffs but can't blow Billy's house down.

Première diffusion : 12 février 1985

The Snow Queen

S4 E2 The Snow Queen

Gerda and Kay have been best friends forever. When a goblin, who controls the problems in the universe eyes them, he showers a sinister snow over Kay, forces him to see the worst in everyone he loves. Kay and Gerda get in an argument over whether the Snow Queen exists and after Kay slips from a rooftop, he meets her and she takes him to her palace to save him from the goblin's spell. In an endless search for Kay, Gerda encounters talking trees, a thief and the Lady of Summer(the Snow Queen's sister). Soon, Gerda is under the spell of the Lady of Summer and realizes she must save Kay. In the end, they learn a valuable lesson in friendship.

Première diffusion : 11 mars 1985

The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

S4 E3 The Pied Piper Of Hamelin

Eric Idle plays a wandering piper who is hired by a selfish mayor to rid his town of rats. The piper is good to his word and leads the rats to a watery grave.However when he asks for payment the mayor reneges, thus causing the piper tp play his pipe for an alternate result -- this time leading all the children out of Hamelin never to be seen again.

Première diffusion : 5 avril 1985

Grimm Party

S4 E4 Grimm Party

Although not an actual Faerie Tale, this was very fun. It was a party with all the actors and actresses that made a contribution of their talents to lovely Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre. They talk about their experiences as some of the most beloved Faerie Tale characters. Jean Stapleton also talks about how she was in more episodes of Faerie Tale Theatre more than anybody else besides Shelley Duvall herself. Stapleton appeared as the fairy godmother in Cinderella and the Giant's Wife in Jack and the Beanstalk. Unfortunately, this exclusive party was never released on video, but only time can tell...

Première diffusion : 17 juillet 1985


S4 E5 Cinderella

Cinderella is once again helped to the ball by her fairy godmother (this time played by the hilarious Jean Stapleton) as the story of Cinderella unfolds and how she loses her glass slipper-- this one has an amusing twist at the end -- that shows even fairy godmothers are vindictive.

Première diffusion : 14 août 1985

Puss In Boots

S4 E6 Puss In Boots

The amusing story about a millers son who inherits a cat-- not just any cat -- a cat who insists on wearing people's clothing. But all the money is not wasted -- Puss has a plan to get his master (Ben Vereen) married to the lovely Princess Lovinia-- the only thing standing in the way is the evil ogre. Puss proves that cats are clever in this funny adaption of the Perrault story!

Première diffusion : 9 septembre 1985

The Emperor's New Clothes

S4 E7 The Emperor's New Clothes

Theres a sucker born every minute -- and 2 con men (Art Carney and Alan Arkin) find as they ride into a seaside town that it is run by the most vain King alive. The 2 set up a scheme to rob the king of his jewels and Robes! -- as they come peddling a magical cloth that any person who is truly stupid cannot see! A humorous comedy with a great moral for the entire family.

Première diffusion : 5 octobre 1985