Saison 1

8 épisodes

(4 h)

Glock Schlock

S1 E1 Glock Schlock

Gigi Rotblum inherits her late husband’s secret fortune, hires an assistant and takes unexpected measures to protect herself.

Call Your Grandma

S1 E2 Call Your Grandma

Upset that her grandson won’t return her calls, Gigi decides to write a children’s book about the perils of not respecting your grandmother.


S1 E3 Wart-a-Colors

Wanting to overcome her lifelong body image issues, Gigi attends a local art class to pose nude for a portrait.

A Regular Kristy Yamatushy

S1 E4 A Regular Kristy Yamatushy

Due to her late husband’s ice skating injury, Gigi quit the sport. In her newfound freedom Gigi revisits her pastime and discovers that Ricky has a secret aptitude for figure skating.

Eat Something

S1 E5 Eat Something

Gigi explores the culinary world in hopes of learning to cook a meal that will win the heart of the newest bachelor at the retirement home.

Let's Get Schvitzical

S1 E6 Let's Get Schvitzical

After Gigi visits a sex therapist, she realizes that the game has changed and enrolls in gymnastics to work on her flexibility


S1 E7 Whine

When Tretchy, Gigi’s frenemy, condescendingly tells Gigi that she couldn’t hang with Boca’s elite, Gigi embarks to one up Tretchy at her own charity event.

Love Thyself

S1 E8 Love Thyself

When Gigi is finally ready to put herself out there, she and Ricky go speed dating to find love.