Saison 3

10 épisodes

(100 min)

The Chaos

S3 E1 The Chaos

Manolo sets fire to Magnífica and runs away. Everyone thinks Dora and Santos have been killed. But the actress is still alive and is forced to make a porno film. Vincente escapes from the clinic and takes over as Head of Censorship in São Paulo. Isabel joins the communists and starts an armed feminist movement. Manolo takes off and meets an aspiring young actress in a difficult situation.

Separate Ways

S3 E2 Separate Ways

Year 1975. The government is divided between the group of Geisel, who admits a slow and gradual opening, and the far-right headed by the Minister of Defense, Sílvio Frota, who is not willing to return the country to the civilians. The Magníficos are separated, but with Vicente at the head of the Censorship Department, the group meets again for the last scene.

We're Going To Change Brazil

S3 E3 We're Going To Change Brazil

The Final Solution

S3 E4 The Final Solution

They're Laughing at You

S3 E5 They're Laughing at You

Everybody Against One

S3 E6 Everybody Against One

The team does not agree with the shape the film directed by Vicente is taking. Isabel tells everyone Vicente is planning an assassination. Dora tells Aurélio that his son, Santos, is dead and asks him to help The Magníficos. Dario tells Dora the film of the orgy is in Hélio Pontes’ safe. Commander Zero and Flint take an extremely dangerous action and Vicente is kidnapped by Aurélio.


S3 E7 Remorse

By suggestion of a therapist, the Magníficos decide to recreate Vincente’s past by means of a movie. Between his fantasies, inventions and hallucinations mixing past and present, the filmmaker sees his life in the film. He begins with his mother’s death and relives images of childhood, violence and sex. At the end of his trance, Vicente is no longer the same.

The Next Day

S3 E8 The Next Day

Vicente is perplexed to discover he has been a supporter of the dictatorship for some time. Manolo forces Vicente to maintain the totalitarian tone of the film, but they find a way of avoiding disaster in the editing. Isabel and the militants suffer a severe blow. After recovering the movie of the orgy from Hélio Pontes’ safe, Dora makes a pact with Manolo to kill him. Vicente finds his back against the wall in a meeting with President Geisel’s Chief of Staff Minister.

The Club From Hell

S3 E9 The Club From Hell

Accused of masterminding a secret operation, Vicente is tortured and gives away the plan to bomb the cinema to the Chief of Staff. He tells Manolo and Dora he has entered into an agreement with the Minister. At Othon’s home, he finally learns the sordid details of the Hell Club and its perversities, including the horrors of war, and the fate of General Soto and Angela. The mother superior reveals Othon’s personal secrets to Dora.

The End

S3 E10 The End

The Mouth of Hell premieres. The cast, team, extras and guests take part in the great event. A script that brings together art and politics, personal interest and unexpected alliances could change the direction of the country during its darkest years. Magnífica's finest production is about to take place.