Saison 1

13 épisodes

(9 h 45 min)


S1 E1 Celebrity

Carole and Syd are hired to protect a famous rock singer (Vanessa Williams).

The Hottest Guy in Town

S1 E2 The Hottest Guy in Town

Carole and Syd investigate a popular hairdresser suspected of blackmailing a wealthy customer after she told him of a past indiscretion

Murder in the Museum

S1 E3 Murder in the Museum

The assistant curator of a museum is found murdered. The lady was very close to Carole, so she sets out to investigate. The prime suspect pleads innocence. The motive is clear, the possession of a valuable Egyptian tablet.

Partners in Crime

S1 E4 Partners in Crime

Two ex-wives of an ex-detective are summoned to the reading of the will after he is murdered in his office. They discover they've inherited his rundown mansion office- and a 50/50 partnership in the detective agency. Their first matter of business is a reluctant collaboration to track down their husband's killer, which leads to a dangerous search for a valuable art pie


S1 E5 Duke

Duke, Syd's father, is searching for a bronze dog. Syd locates the figure at a Chinatown gambling house and while inspectioning the piece she comes by a key hidden inside it.

Paddles Up

S1 E6 Paddles Up

At an auction, Carole meets a retriever of lost museum pieces. He is interested to retrieve a brooch included in the auction catalogue. A fat man who bids higher for the jewel is subsequently killed.

Is She or Isn't He?

S1 E7 Is She or Isn't He?

Carole and Syd investigate the kidnapping of a young man; the only witness is a hoarse-voiced actress. The crooks demand as a ransom the top-secret plans of a sports car.


S1 E8 Fantasyland

Carole and Syd outwit a gangster while investigating the murder of one of Syd's childhood friends

The Setup

S1 E9 The Setup

Carole and Syd come to the aid of police Lt. Vronsky when he comes under investigation for murder and embezzlement.

Fashioned for Murder

S1 E10 Fashioned for Murder

Carole and Syd don the latest fashions when they pose as models in an attempt to capture a design thief and solve a murder.

The Strangler

S1 E11 The Strangler

Carole and Syd unravel the identity of a strangler who leaves red handkerchiefs around the victims' necks.

Getting in Shape

S1 E12 Getting in Shape

A blackmailer is doing his business at a health resort.

Double Jeopardy

S1 E13 Double Jeopardy

Three escaped convicts take Carole and Syd as hostages when they seek a hiding place from the police.