Saison 2

23 épisodes

(9 h 35 min)

Limping King

S2 E1 Limping King

Yukon King's "lame dog" trick helps Sergeant Preston get close enough to reason with Tom Elders, a gentle veterinarian who turned into a rifle-brandishing hermit after apparently being swindled out of his life's savings of $9,000.

The Rookie

S2 E2 The Rookie

Sergeant Preston is close behind as young Constable Dennis Burns doggedly pursues murderous Lefty Burke across rough country, unaware that Burke is actually his long-absent father.

Pack Ice Justice

S2 E3 Pack Ice Justice

After his Eskimo tribe saves two white men from from freezing to death, tribe leader Ooluk vows revenge when the two decide to repay the kindness by stealing furs and assaulting Ooluk's wife and brother.


S2 E4 Revenge

Released after 10 years in prison, psychopathic Carl Stack holds Sergeant Preston responsible for his incarceration and hires assassin Pierre La Fitte to murder him from ambush.

Littlest Rookie

S2 E5 Littlest Rookie

Sergeant Preston takes an interest when a young boy and his dog are both rescued from potentially life-threatening injuries by a man who may be a fugitive from justice.

Lost Patrol

S2 E6 Lost Patrol

Sergeant Preston searches rough and uncharted country for a lost party that was delivering a vital Indian treaty, but he is unaware that his "guide" is actually a saboteur who strongly opposes the treaty.

King of Herschel Island

S2 E7 King of Herschel Island

Sergeant Preston and King go on a determined mission to remote Herschel Island after receiving word that violent mutineers from a stranded whaling vessel have virtually enslaved the peaceful Eskimos who inhabit the area in winter.

Ghost of the Anvil

S2 E8 Ghost of the Anvil

Sergeant Preston poses as a cheechako in an effort to expose a pair of murderous thieves who dress in eerie all-white outfits to ambush (and frequently kill) would-be prospectors to steal their supplies.

Eye of Evil

S2 E9 Eye of Evil

Treachery abounds as a wealthy man's business manager murders a jewel thief in order to obtain the "Eye of Evil", a $100,000 black pearl that was stolen in the U. S. and smuggled into the Yukon in the hope of finding a buyer.

Luck of the Trail

S2 E10 Luck of the Trail

Two thieves who robbed an elderly miner meet Sergeant Preston on the trail and attempt to arrange an "accident" when King repeatedly sniffs near the stolen gold.

Return Visit

S2 E11 Return Visit

Bank robber Walt Daniels endangers his ex-wife and young son by returning to their home after telling his violence-prone partner Harry Evans that he must meet Daniels there in order to claim a share of the stolen money.

The Tobacco Smugglers

S2 E12 The Tobacco Smugglers

Sergeant Preston and a U. S. Marshal trail a ruthless bone-crushing bruiser and two henchmen who are stealing tobacco in Alaska and smuggling it across the border for sale in the Yukon.


S2 E13 Turnabout

A witness to a murder refuses to identify the killer. Will Sergeant Preston be able to solve the case?

Emergency on Scarface Flat

S2 E14 Emergency on Scarface Flat

Preston is aided by a disgraced doctor and his wife, while pursuing an escaped prisoner from California who wounded another Mountie.

The Williwaw

S2 E15 The Williwaw

Sergeant Preston is injured and shares a cabin with a madman near Fishing Lake.

Border Action

S2 E16 Border Action

Hyde and henchman Ram intend to take over Walker transport business. Grandpa El and Billy Walker plead for time as selling valuable pups will clear the debt. But violence occurs and Sgt. Preston chases the culprits to the Canadian border.

The Black Ace

S2 E17 The Black Ace

Two brothers are at odds with each other after the death of their father. Disagreement over a gold mine fuels their fighting. When a charred body is found in their burned cabin, the surviving brother is arrested.

Scourge of the Wilderness

S2 E18 Scourge of the Wilderness

Winter in the Spruce Valley gold mining region, brings unrest between the natives and the miners and loggers. Chief Taranga is on the warpath. Can Sergeant Preston keep the peace?

Blind Justice

S2 E19 Blind Justice

Preston enlists Yukon King and a blind Husky on the sled team to track down two cold-blooded killers.

The Stolen Malamute

S2 E20 The Stolen Malamute

While at Last Chance on a routine patrol, Sergeant Preston investigates the theft of little Jimmie's dog, Sarge.

The Devil's Roost

S2 E21 The Devil's Roost

John Fletcher is the victim of attempted murder by partner Borneo in a mine cave in. Sgt Preston is asked by the Fletcher children to investigate. Nirana's Indian friends rescue John and Preston with Yukon King go after the bad guys.

Ten Little Indians

S2 E22 Ten Little Indians

Sgt. Preston is helping Father Michel establish a home for Indian orphans in Gold Flats but trouble is afoot. Brand and Braddock intend to frame rival Donovan for theft. Preston, Yukon King, and the children work together to solve the crime.

Underground Ambush

S2 E23 Underground Ambush

Sgt. Preston travels to Goldport to discover the source of counterfeit currency. He goes undercover as a prospector and with Yukon King's help starts working on the case which puts his lady friend Sherry in danger.