Saison 2

15 épisodes

(100 min)

Episode 1

S2 E1 Episode 1

The return of the programme in which embarrassing, offensive and awful body art is transformed, with tattooists Jay and Sketch this time joined by new colleague Alice. In the first edition, the shop's patrons include Vicky, who survived a terrible rollercoaster accident and hopes to celebrate her family with an animal tribute tattoo. Alice covers a likeness of a cringeworthy celebrity crush for Abby, who has now gone off her unlikely dream man, while Jordan wants to camouflage the tattoo he got to win an argument, and calls on Jay to create an RAF tribute to his grandfather.

Episode 2

S2 E2 Episode 2

Respectable Dad Stephen wants to see the back of a crude Tattoo he had done 20 years ago.

Episode 3

S2 E3 Episode 3

Steve, the survivor of a horrific house fire, wants to cover some of his scars with a Celtic knot tattoo.

Episode 4

S2 E4 Episode 4

Georgie has one memory of a lad's holiday that she went on, that she wants to get rid of forever.

Episode 5

S2 E5 Episode 5

Jake has managed to upset both his girlfriend and his mother with a tattoo and so asks Jay to design a cover-up for him.

Episode 6

S2 E6 Episode 6

Aggie needs help removing a extremely offensive tattoo that covers her chest. A paramedic needs to disguise his tattoo that is scaring patients.

Episode 7

S2 E7 Episode 7

Drag-Queen Devon wants rid of his barbed-wire tattoo as it reminds him of an ex.

Episode 8

S2 E8 Episode 8

Marina wants her back piece covering up so she can get back to the eccentric dancing she use to love doing.

Episode 9

S2 E9 Episode 9

Ladies man Ash needs help covering up a portrait of his Mum. Jay-Jay, a dancer needs her x-rated tattoo covering up.

Episode 10

S2 E10 Episode 10

Scott comes in with a terrible tattoo that has taken his love for Norwich City FC too far, and Sketch hopes his art will help transgender Jai feel more feminine.

Episode 11

S2 E11 Episode 11

Alice gets her claws into dog-lover William's cover after he betrayed his furry friends in ink. Sketch helps Jules, who is branded with the palm-print of her ex.

Episode 12

S2 E12 Episode 12

Sketch helps Sian cover a clown tattoo that's scaring the life out of anyone who sees it.

Episode 13

S2 E13 Episode 13

Three tattoo artists try to fix and transform their customers' extreme, ridiculous and hilarious pieces of body art.

Episode 14

S2 E14 Episode 14

The artists deal with a client's tattoo of a lewd and lengthy leprechaun that his wife wants him to be rid of.

Episode 15

S2 E15 Episode 15

Visitors to the studio include bride-to-be Hayley, whose cheeky cartoon tattoo is threatening to derail her wedding plans, while Sketch helps reformed bad boy Mick to cover up an X-rated inking that's causing embarrassment to his daughter. Alice assists best friends Tommy and Wally, who tattooed each other while drunk on holiday, and Jay deals with Steve's embarrassing collection of stick men on his leg. Last in the series.