Saison 4

17 épisodes

(11 h 20 min)

Tattoo Fixers at Halloween

S4 E1 Tattoo Fixers at Halloween

It's Halloween in the pop-up parlour. Sketch slays Fiona's zombie and helps Spike with a monster of a tattoo. Glen gives magician George a frightening new friend. Tom needs to break his unlucky curse and Alice meets Vanessa, who wants a symbol of protection

Episode 2

S4 E2 Episode 2

Jay banishes Ant's backside buddy. Glen checks out Erika's checklist. Alice blows away Cheryl's windy devil and helps Chelsea get over the shock of her life. Sketch tackles Jason's sambuca stunt scar.

Episode 3

S4 E3 Episode 3

Alice flushes away Lucy's toilet tatt and helps Chloe to love her legs. Jay takes on Tom's superhero design, Sketch covers Chris's boastful nickname, and Glen removes Darren's chat-up line leg art.

Episode 4

S4 E4 Episode 4

Lisa pays tribute to her idol Robbie Williams, cockney geezer Jack covers his literal leg tattoo, Alice cleans up Lana's dirty mouth, while Sketch runs rings around Sergiu's romantic gesture

Episode 5

S4 E5 Episode 5

Sketch conceals a large portrait on biker Les, Alice spreads Becca's favourite food on her leg, and Jay immortalises Ashley's best mate Georgia as a pin-up girl over a string of lame letters

Episode 6

S4 E6 Episode 6

Alice creates a pawsome inking for feline fan Luke, Sketch rids Gavin of his saucy slogan, Glen tackles Hannah's four-letter faux pas, and Jay creates a smoking hot design for firefighter Simon

Episode 7

S4 E7 Episode 7

Sketch tackles Nick's measuring stick and covers Fran's naughty nickname. Alice gets rid of Jade's crab, Glen helps heathen Bob get an honour inking, and Jay removes Lee's charming chat-up line.

Episode 8

S4 E8 Episode 8

The team help Mark, whose tattoo has turned into a Greek tragedy, while Emma's punchy cover-up needs knocking out.

Episode 9

S4 E9 Episode 9

Ladettes Jayne and Kate look for help with their matching foul-mouthed foot tattoos. Plus, football-mad Alex's hero-worshipping howler is given a much-needed redesign

Episode 10

S4 E10 Episode 10

Yorkshire lass Lisa seeks help after she took her love for Yorkshire puddings a step too far, and the team also meets Ben, whose boasting tattoo is not a hit with his girlfriend.

Episode 11

S4 E11 Episode 11

Sketch de-thrones Dan, the self-proclaimed king. Alice cooks up a treat for ex-chef Melody. Jay helps Az make a wise choice as he moves on from a problematic past. Edward honours his furry friend Ice.

Episode 12

S4 E12 Episode 12

Sketch comes to the aid of Shane, who has an unusual tattoo based on a shampoo slogan, while Glen helps Harri correct his regretable fast-food ink. Plus, Alice tackles a webbed toe.

Tattoo Fixers Valentine's Special

S4 E13 Tattoo Fixers Valentine's Special

Hearts and tattoos are mended as Glen rids Riley of her Valentine's issues, Jay fixes Leon's bedroom problems, Alice covers Suzanne's cocky Cupid, and Sketch divorces Jordan from his tattoo

Episode 14

S4 E14 Episode 14

Glen tackles Jack's inking, Sketch rids Ben of a silly spooning tattoo, Alice waves her magic wand for Kamila, Jay fixes Matt's backside-based chat-up line, and Andy needs help with his bad manners

Episode 15

S4 E15 Episode 15

The team meets Tony, who lost his arm in a mincer, and Nick, who cheated death falling off a balcony but now needs a cover-up


S4 E16 X-Rated

This Episode looks back at the lewdest, crudest and downright rudest inkings the artists have ever had to deal with including a distasteful dolly, a boorish bunny and a repulsive reptile

Most Shocking

S4 E17 Most Shocking

A look back at the most startling, surprising and scandalous moments on the show features in this Tattoo Fixers special, including an undead design, a preposterous proposal, and a cringeworthy kiss